Apex Legends Octane Class Guide – Abilities, Tips, & Strengths

Apex Legends Season 1 and live, and it’s time to get hyped for the new content! As expected by various leaks and rumors, the first new Legend is Octane–and you thankfully don’t need to grind out ranks in the Battle Pass to unlock him. Available for 600 Apex Coins, the High-Speed Daredevil is separate from the pass, and you can play him today!

But Octane isn’t the easiest character to jump into and play as. No worries, though, as our Apex Legends Octane guide will help you get up to speed with this new Legend.

Octane, The Adrenaline Junkie

Octane, or Octavio Silva, lives for the danger. As the heir of Silva Pharmaceuticals, he doesn’t have to much to do, after all. But after an accident involving trying to use a grenade to go faster in a Gauntlet (sound familiar, Titanfall 2 fans?), he lost his legs.

Doctors told Octane to give up the daredevil life for good, but why would he do that? With Lifeline’s help, he got new bionic prosthetics. But dangerous stunts seem beyond the young man now. What isn’t boring, though, are the Aepx Games. Octane does anything possible to cure is chronic boredom, even at the risk of life and limb.

Octane Moveset in Apex Legends

Octane’s moveset fits in very well with the speedy, dangerous lifestyle the character portrays. The Legend’s skills complement each other well. Anyone that masters them is sure to have intense and thrilling firefights.

Passive Ability: Swift Mend – As long as you’re not taking damage, Octane will recover health over time. You recover one point of health every two seconds, which is great during downtime. The only other Legend with a healing skill at this time is Lifeline, who can of course summon a healing drone to bolster herself and allies.

Looking at the passive by itself, though, this seems like an overpowered skill. However, it makes a lot more sense when looking at Octane’s Tactical Ability.

Tactical Ability: Adrenaline Junkie – At the low, low cost of 10 percent of your hit points, Octane can move faster for a few seconds. It’s a great skill for repositioning. Adrenaline Junkie can presumably get you out of a tight spot fast, or into firefights more quickly. The interesting wrinkle is that it comes at a price, and that price might be too high when under fire.

Apex Legends Octane Guide TipsApex Legends Octane Guide Tips

Octane’s Ultimate: Launch Pad

Octane’s Passive and Tactical skills affect the Legend’s health, but their Ultimate is purely a utility skill. The Launch Pad Ultimate is pretty self-explanatory… You create a launch pad that shoots you and your squadmates high in the air.

The Launch Pad launches you straight up and forward in the air, giving a fair amount of lift. You can still aim and shoot while flying through the air (so you won’t be diving), but it’s important to note that it can put a big target on your head, far away from cover. There are plenty of tactical uses for the Launch Pad, including getting to higher places and jumping away to safety, but it’s not an Ultimate for every situation.

Octane Strength & Weaknesses

Strengths: Octane, alongside Pathfinder, is one of the Legends that can just get to where you want to go. His active skill and Ultimate are both good for repositioning, and can make or break a set-up before a firefight breaks out. If you know how to use the Launch Pad properly, you can pull off all kinds of unique strategies.

Weaknesses: While Octane has speed for days, he doesn’t have much going for him in regards to combat skills. Adrenaline Junkie actively hurts him, and while his healing passive is nice, it won’t mean anything in a firefight. It’s also more difficult to support squadmates while fighting, as Octane’s skills either only help himself or bounce everyone into the air.

Other Tips When Using Octane

Adrenaline Junkie allows you to stay back from the action. It might seem a little counter-productive for the High Speed Daredevil, but you can use your skills to hang back and snipe enemies instead of going all in on a gunfight. The active skills can get you from one vantage point in record time, making it easier to kill without being killed, and the resulting health loss isn’t as critical.

The Launch Pad can make for some crazy strategies. Most enemies aren’t looking up, and you can use the Launch Pad to jump far above their hiding places and KO them before they know what’s going on. You can also use the Launch Pad to jump onto a perch and gun down enemies that may have their eyes on more obvious points of entry.


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