Apex Legends Mobile Fade Guide – How to Unlock Fade

Grab your Wingman, dust off your Jump Pads, and get ready to pass Jumpmaster to someone else because Apex Legends Mobile is here. Acting as a standalone experience from the PC/console version, Apex Legends Mobile seeks to take the fast-paced gameplay and let you experience it on the go. While some aspects will be quite familiar to veteran players, the mobile version has a plethora of unique mechanics and even an exclusive legend called Fade.

Yes, you read that right. Apex Legends Mobile is delivering a brand new character that is not available in the console/PC version of the game. Unlocking this legend is also a little different if you aren’t willing to spend real money. Here’s how to unlock Fade and what his abilities are:

Apex Legends Mobile Unlock Fade

How to Unlock Fade

To unlock Fade you need to either spend 750 Apex Coins or use 10 Fade Pieces. The former is only obtainable by purchasing Apex Coin packs with real-world money. As for Fade Pieces, these are a new item tied to the Season 1 Battle Pass. Broken up into a free and premium rewards track, players will earn 2 Fade Pieces at Battle Pass rank 1, 9, 13, 17, and 25. Once you hit level 25 you will have enough Fade Pieces to purchase this legend. This is the only way to earn Fade Pieces, so make sure to complete your Battle Pass challenges so you can rise through the ranks to unlock this new currency.

Once you have 10 Fade Pieces, go back to the Main Menu and select the “Legends” tab in the bottom right corner. Now tap Fade and then the “Unlock” button at the bottom of his image. You will be given a prompt to either spend your Apex Coins or Fade Pieces. Pick the latter to unlock this new legend. You cannot earn him any other way, so if you don’t want to spend any money make sure to focus on completing the various Battle Pass challenges. A full list of the available challenges can be found in the “Challenges” tab in the Main Menu.

Apex Legends Mobile Unlock Fade

Fade’s Abilities

Fade is an aggressive legend that makes use of Wraith’s void technology in new ways. His passive is Slipstream, which gives him a brief speed boost when he finishes sliding. This allows offensive players to quickly get into a fight to secure a kill or escape from players chasing them. It has an internal cooldown, so you cannot just spam his slide to constantly run faster. As for the speed itself, it seems to be a little slower than Octane’s Stim and only lasts for a couple of seconds.

Fade’s tactical ability is Flash Back and will be very familiar to Overwatch fans. When triggered, Fade will enter the void becoming immune to all damage and crowd control effects. Fade will then warp back to where he previously was two seconds ago, but will not negate any damage done to him. Meaning if someone hits you for 100 damage and you trigger Flash Back, you will return to where you previously where standing but that 100 damage won’t be healed.

Finally, his ultimate is the Phase Chamber. This grenade can be thrown out like a regular frag grenade and has a slight delay before triggering. Once activated, everyone inside of it will be warped into the void for 2.5 seconds. before emerging. Meaning if you throw this on an enemy they will be able to freely run around but cannot damage or be damaged. The same goes for allies, so you can use this to save your team or forcibly disengage someone from the enemy team. It’s a rather wild ultimate that has a ton of potential to easily swing an entire fight in your favor.