Apex Legends Loba Abilities Guide – Beginner Tips for Playing Loba

Apex Legends’ Season 5 has finally arrived and everyone is fighting over who gets to play as the new legend, Loba. This master thief is a support character that is capable of quickly identifying and grabbing high tier loot while remaining rather mobile thanks to her teleporting bracelet. While she isn’t the best hero in the game, Loba can easily catch her foes off guard or provide valuable assistance to her team when they are running low on supplies.

Since the new meta has yet to be fully established, it’s unclear if Loba will make a splash in the competitive scene or Ranked games. She is very good but also can be quite situational when compared to others such as Gibraltar, Wraith, and Wattson. Below is a breakdown of not only her three core abilities but some tips for using them in combat.

Eye For Quality – Passive Ability

Loba’s passive ability allows her to see Epic and Legendary tier loot through walls, loot boxes, and structures. This gives her a superb advantage when a match begins, as she can seek out the best armor and items. However, this doesn’t mean you should just sprint around looking for a purple body shield – especially if you aren’t alone. It’s important to still prioritize getting a shield and weapon when you land, even if it’s not a high tier choice.

Think of Eye For Quality as a way to save you and your team time when they are looting on the go or in a large location such as Repulsion or Artillery. Additionally, you can actually ping the loot that Loba sees through walls or containers. Loba can only ping items through walls at a maximum distance of 10 meters. This range can be extended to 50 meters via a sniper scope if she is zooming in on the item.

You’ll also want to start learning how to distinguish different types of high tier gear through structures. They aren’t always clear at a distance and it’s easy to mix up some items. Keep in mind if the item is tall, it’s either going to be a Phoenix Kit or a purple shield since the backpack lies on its side. Additionally, most of the small Epic items are typically either mods or Hop-ups.

Apex Legends Unlock Loba

Burglar’s Best Friend – Tactical Ability

This is the main reason why Loba can be so dangerous in combat. Burglar’s Best Friend allows Loba to throw her Jump Drive Bracelet and then transport to its location. The item is tossed in an arc, similar to a Thermite Grenade, and she will warp to it the moment the bracelet touches the ground. You cannot transport Loba in mid-air, so don’t expect any high flying tricks. You can hit the right trigger (controller) or left mouse button to drop the bracelet to the ground while it’s flying.

When you toss out the bracelet, don’t focus on the arc in the air, look to the orange and black line on the floor. This line will extend from where Loba threw her transporter to its current position, giving you a more accurate reading of where you’ll end up warping. It can be hard to read at first, so I suggest going into the Firing Range and practice landing on a small piece of cover from at least 100 meters away.

Keep in mind, there is a 1.5 second delay from the moment she warps to when Loba can fire her weapon. This may not seem like a lot of time, but you will be completely defenseless during this brief period where she puts on her bracelet. There is no way to animation cancel her throwing on her bracelet after the warp. Because of this, do not just transport directly into someone’s face since there’s a high chance you’ll just die before you can fight. Instead, try to get further behind the enemy so you have enough time to both complete the animation and shoot enemies.

Another trick you’ll want to practice is throwing the bracelet through windows with bars. This a nifty way to surprise an enemy who is focused on someone else or beat someone to loot. Be warned, if you hit the window frame or bars the bracelet will just fall to the ground and you’ll be transported outside the structure. Loba’s transport is best served as a way to flank enemies or reposition herself during a battle. Don’t get too aggressive with her warp since it’s on a lengthy cooldown and you’ll be stuck there after you teleport.

Black Market Boutique – Ultimate Ability

Loba’s Ultimate is Black Market Boutique, which revolves around her creating a virtual marketplace for her team to use. Once thrown into the ground it will take exactly 5 seconds to deploy and will fire a blue wave out that will allow you to access all loot within about an 80-meter radius in any direction of the staff. Think of the afflicted areas as a big circle instead of just a flat radius. This allows you to pick up loot that may be several floors below where you deploy it.

This ultimate has a 175-second cooldown, so you’ll want to be a little more selective about where you deploy the staff. Outside of just conveniently looting an entire area, one of the best applications for the Black Market Boutique is when you are resurrecting something. After you call in the dropship, toss the staff down at the station so they can quickly pick up what they need. Alternatively, the market is superb if you’re in a hectic firefight and need to swap shields since it will grab anything from death boxes.

Remember, enemies can use your black market as well, so make sure to close it once your team is done. As for what to grab, I recommend focusing on useful items such as shields and modifications. This ultimate can be pretty awkward when you spend both your slots on weapons and a stack of ammo. Instead, I like to use this ultimate to try and find my team better body shields, backpacks, or helmets before a big fight.


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