Apex Legends Heat Shield Guide – Where to Find & How to Use

Breakout your lab coats, strap on your gas mask and get ready to embrace science because Apex Legends’ Chaos Theory event is almost here. Once again another collection of awesome cosmetics have hit the store, along with a needed round of nerfs and buffs for different legends/weapons. Similar to previous events, this one comes with a town takeover and a new heirloom for players to obtain. Along with all this, Respawn Entertainment is adding a brand new survival item that players can use to give them an advantage during battle. Dubbed the “Heat Shield,” this temporary bubble can block anyone inside from receiving ring damage.

Here’s what you need to know about this new item.

What is the Heat Shield

As described above, the Heat Shield is a deployable dome that will temporarily block the damage caused by the ring. Similar to Gibraltar’s dome, this item can be thrown out by whomever is carrying it to create a temporary shelter from the ring. Unlike this legend’s ability, the Heat Shield will not stop bullets from entering or exiting the dome, meaning you are hardly protected from anything else inside.

Speaking of, if your Heat Shield is in the ring then all healing items will have a 50% faster use time and picking up downed teammates will be 25% faster. This makes it easy to quickly recover after a hectic fight or if your team needs to rotate through the storm to reach a more advantageous position. Casting the Heat Shield in an area where the ring isn’t, will still cause it to deploy but you won’t gain any of the healing/recovery benefits. You can see the bubble’s health percentage when looking at it or at the bottom of your HUD.

You can deploy the heat shield by pressing left on the D-pad (Xbox/PlayStation), and using it can be mapped to any key if you’re on PC. There is no default key bound to the Survival Items on PC, so you need to manually select one in the Settings menu. This means your “Inspect Weapons,” input will be moved to your emote wheel if you’re playing on controller. Don’t worry about this flooding your inventory, as the Chaos Theory event has introduced Survival Slots in your backpack. This means both the Mobile Respawn Beacon and Heat Shield will go into this slot when picked up, not your normal inventory space. Higher tier backpacks will not increase the amount of Survival Slots you get.

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Where to Find the Heat Shield

During the Chaos Theory event, every player will spawn with a Heat Shield already in their inventory. This means you can use and deploy it whenever you like, making risky drops a little more viable if you want to land far away from the ship. Alternatively, you can save this item for the late game, allowing you to make some better rotations through the ring. After all, you can chain Heat Shields together if your teammates have them!

Following the event, Heat Shields will be a normal drop in the world that you can find on the ground, in care packages, or loot chests. This means you should take the time to learn how and when to use this item during the Chaos Theory event since you’ll automatically spawn with it. If you run out of them, this item is in the Replicator at the time of writing this.


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