Apex Legends Genesis Guide – How to Earn Points During the Event

We’re halfway through Season 9 of Apex Legends and there’s a new event to participate in. Titled “Genesis,” this event revolves around bringing back the Season 1 version of King’s Canyon and Season 3 version of World’s Edge. Both of these map variants haven’t been seen since their original release, making this a rather nostalgic event for veteran players. Along with these returning maps, users can also earn (or pay) for new cosmetics such as legend skins, emotes, banners, and gun charms. If you don’t want to spend a dime there is a free reward tree you can complete to get some extra rewards. Here’s how to earn points so you can complete the Genesis event rewards track.

How to Get Genesis Event Points

You can earn points during the Genesis event by completing the Daily Challenges found in the Challenge Menu. These will update every day with new tasks for you to complete and they are, mostly, pretty simple. This can include getting into the Top 10 four times, dealing damage, or just playing the game itself. Every challenge you complete will earn you 200 Points, for a total of 600 Points per day if you finish every challenge offered. However, the damage point challenge has different levels so it is possible to squeak out some extra Points early on. If you complete every challenge, including the additional ones, you can obtain 1,600 Points a day. To earn everything you’ll need a maximum of 5,000 Points, meaning you’ll need to finish 25 of these challenges (not including the additional damage ones) to earn everything this season.

Keep in mind, you cannot earn points by getting kills, winning games, or completing battle pass challenges. The only way to earn points is by finishing the Genesis challenges, so make sure to prioritize these every day when you log on. As for the heirloom, everyone’s favorite assassin Revenant is getting a spooky-looking sycthe. Unfortunately, this cannot be earned without paying money during the event, so be prepared to shell out some cash.

Apex Legends Genesis Points

Along with these two original maps returning for the duration of the event, various legends are also getting some needed adjustments. Revenant will now be able to climb much higher than normal, allowing players to swiftly scale buildings to gain an advantage during a fight. His Silence duration has also been reduced by 5 seconds and his ultimate will have a range of 150 meters. This is to make Revenant/Octane combos far less oppressive than normal. Speaking of Octane, his Jump Pad is getting its cooldown increased by 30 seconds to ensure that players cannot just abuse his high mobility.

Both Revenant and Lifeline’s hitboxes have been slightly reduced and Wattson can now place multiple Nessie plushies around the map via her emote. Finally, Bloodhound also received a slight nerf to their Tactical and Ultimate abilities. Any targets scanned with Eye of the Allfather will only be revealed for 3 seconds instead of 4, while Beast of the Hunt’s overall time has been reduced from 35 seconds to 30 seconds. However, you can still extend its duration by downing enemy players, which will put more emphasis on using it to engage enemies.

Apex Legends Genesis event is now live on all platforms.


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