Apex Legends Dark Depths Guide – How to Earn Points During the Event

A new event for Apex Legends is live, and it’s all about what lurks in the ocean. Dubbed “Dark Depths,” this event not only introduces a bunch of sea life-themed cosmetics but a new Arenas map called Habitat. Unfortunately for the battle royale fans, there aren’t any new limited-time modes, but you can earn some free cosmetics. Spread out across three weeks, the Dark Depths event will allow players to earn battle pass stars to holosprays to an Epic Alternator and Revenant skin. So if you don’t want to spend any money, here’s how to unlock all of the prize tracker awards and earn points.

How to Get Dark Depths Event Points

You can earn points during the Dark Depths event by completing the Daily Challenges in the Challenge Menu. These will update daily with new tasks for you to complete, and they are mostly pretty simple. This can include winning rounds, dealing damage, or just playing the game itself. Every challenge you complete will earn you 200 Points, for a total of 1,000 Points per day if you finish every challenge offered. To earn everything, you need a maximum of 3,000 Points per weekly tracker. Once the week is up, all your progress and the rewards will change, so make sure to play when there’s a certain skin you want!

Apex Legends Dark Depth

Keep in mind, you cannot earn points by getting kills, winning games, or completing battle pass challenges. The only way to earn points is by finishing the Dark Depths challenges, so make sure to prioritize these every day. Since there are three rewards tracks, you’ll need a total of 9,000 points if you want to obtain everything that doesn’t require real-world money. Some of the challenges are tied to Arena, but there are a few you can finish in the battle royale mode. This event runs from January 11 to February 1st, which is around when this season ends. So if you still need to complete your battle pass, I strongly suggest completing these trackers to earn the battle pass stars.

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For those willing to spend a bit of money, there are new Legendary Horizon, Ash, Fuse, and Lifeline skins available in the store throughout the Dark Depths event. These skins can be purchased individually, however, other cosmetic items are tied to Dark Depths packs which cost 400 Apex Coins each. There are also a number of older skins returning like Revenant’s Deathproof and Wraith’s Void Protector. Keep in mind, you cannot earn these through playing since they have to bought with Apex Legends’ premium currency. Thankfully, you can use Crafting Materials if you have an abundance of them lying around. Additionally, the Dark Depths event has no new Heirloom or Heirloom Shards for players to earn. Also don’t expect any big character or weapon rebalances with this patch.