Apex Legends C.A.R. SMG Guide – Damage, Recoil, & More

C.A.N. this SMG turn the tides?

Apex Legends’ newest season is almost upon us, and it’s introducing a plethora of new content. Along with the biggest map in the game’s history and a new legend, players will be able to get their hands on the flashy C.A.R. SMG. Originally from the Titanfall franchise, this weapon is a fast-firing submachine gun that can take two different ammo types and magazines. This makes it utterly unique in Apex Legends and one of the most versatile firearms in the current meta — especially right when the match starts. Here’s everything you need to know about the C.A.R. before Season 11 launches on November 2.


The C.A.R. is a floor loot weapon that is capable of using both Light and Heavy ammo. Unlike other guns, players can freely swap between the two ammo types by pressing their toggle fire button. Neither ammo type changes the C.A.R.’s recoil, fire rate, or damage numbers. This means that one ammo type will not present a gameplay advantage over the other. Instead, this design choice was made to help alleviate some of the ammo economy issues and make it a more advantageous weapon when you land.

Additionally, you can use either a Light Magazine or Heavy Magazine on this gun regardless of what ammo you have currently equipped. So if I land on a C.A.R. and only grab stacks of Heavy Ammo, I can still pick up a Light Magazine to increase my clip size. The C.A.R. also takes Barrel, Sight, and Stock attachments to help with the weapon’s stability since it has some pretty gnarly recoil. Speaking of: the C.A.R.’s recoil pattern is mostly verticle with a slight kick to the curve to the left. This is the same pattern regardless of whether you decide to use Heavy or Light Ammo.

Apex Legends CAR SMG

When it comes to damage, the C.A.R. deals 20 to the head, 13 to the body, and 10 to the limbs. Without any magazine attachments, you can do 260 damage if you only hit the body. This puts its damage on par with the Prowler, which also hits for 260 damage without any attachments. That being said, after using this gun in multiple matches, it feels quite balanced because its range isn’t great and it relies on players being able to control its kick.

You will really want to practice with the C.A.R. as it’s perhaps the most consistent and deadly weapon during the initial moments of the match. Much of this is thanks to how forgiving it is with ammo, making it easy to quickly pick up and get into fights. Since you won’t have to worry as much about having the exact ammo type, the C.A.R. pairs nicely with any mid to long-range weapons like the Flatline, R-301, Triple-Take, and Longbow.