The Best Apex Legends Weapons in Season 9 (July 2021 Meta)

Season 9 of Apex Legends is over halfway through, so it’s time once again to evaluate where all of the firearms stand in the new meta. When making my list of the best weapons I decided to not include any crate weapons so don’t expect to see the Kraber, Prowler, or Triple Take. Additionally, we are looking at a weapons general performance, damage numbers, and versatility in the new meta.

Since this could easily shift, we will be updating this guide monthly with any changes. Make sure to check back with us to see if any big nerfs or buffs helped raise the profile of a firearm. Finally, if you don’t see your favorite gun on this list that doesn’t make it bad, just not nearly as viable as others. You can still be effective with any weapon in Apex Legends so long as you land your shots and understand the gun’s limitations.

Updated July 1, 2021

Assault Rifles


The Flatline has always been a generally reliable assault rifle due to its high damage potential and controllable recoil. While it’s not as accurate as the Hemlock, the sheer stopping power makes up for this. It’s terrific for those that prefer to Unfortunately, the Flatline is one of those guns that pretty much demands an Extended Heavy Mag attachment to be viable in the last few circles. It’s supremely easy to run out of ammo in your clip during a fight, which can lead to some awkward moments. If you plan to use this gun, make sure to prioritize getting this attachment above everything else.


The R-301 is still one of the most reliable weapons in Apex Legends. Even though it’s not peaking on the damage charts, this assault rifle combines solid stopping power, range, and accuracy. The favorite of many players across all rankings, the R-301 is a staple of many loadouts. Much of this is thanks to very minimal tweaking that Respawn has done to the gun lately, which makes it quite consistent regardless of what season you started playing. I know there are flashier guns, but every player should get comfortable with the R-301. It’s a weapon that absolutely should not be ignored.

G7 Scout

My favorite weapon right now, the G7 Scout is one of the most consistent long-range options for those who want to harass enemies. While it doesn’t have the raw stopping power of the 30-30 Repeater, its fast fire rate and moderately large clip size allow users to quickly take down an enemy. Despite having its Hop-Up removed in Season 8, the G7 Scout is still a very versatile and effective weapon. This is only enhanced due to World’s Edge returning. Due to this map’s long sightlines, players will often select this weapon over traditional options like the R301 or Flatline.


Volt SMG

Still the newest gun in Apex Legends, the Volt continues to outperform most weapons in the current meta. Capable of quickly shattering a shield and downing an opponent, the Volt is a very consistent submachine gun. Though calling it that does feel a bit weird since it has terrific poke and harassment potential. With an Extended Mag, the Volt transforms into an absolute monster. It also helps that this weapon’s recoil pattern is very controllable, making it quite accurate between 0-40ish meters. Perfect for every legend, the Volt is an adaptable firearm that can complement most loadouts and playstyles. With no changes coming in the Fight Night event, expect to see more of this SMG in Season 7.


It’s the R-99. That’s it. That’s the entire post. I don’t know what else you want me to say here?



Skullpiercer may be gone, but that doesn’t mean the Wingman is a terrible weapon. Since Apex Legends’ release, the Wingman has been a beloved weapon due to its sheer stopping power and accuracy. Even though it took a backseat the past couple of seasons, the re-introduction of the Skullpiercer Hop-up has made this one of the best weapons for people who can actually hit their shots. With a 2X HCOG Bruiser or 1X HCOG Classic sight, this hand cannon can accurately take down foes with only a few rounds. The only problem is, the Wingman is terrible if your accuracy isn’t great. So unless you’re confident about landing headshots, you might want to pass on this weapon for now.

Light Machine Gun


Thanks to a buff at the beginning of the season, the Spitfire is an absolute monster right now. Capable of dealing a punishing amount of damage with a surprising level of accuracy, this weapon is perfect for medium-range engagements. Capable of shredding through armored opponents, the Spitfire is a deeply oppressive weapon if you manage to upgrade its magazine size. It’s also a remarkably easy weapon to use, with minimal recoil and easy to control spray patterns. While the Devotion is still strong, this should be your go-to choice for LMGs in Apex Legends.



With the Mastiff nerfed, the EVA-8 has risen in popularity thanks to its easily controllable recoil, fast fire rate, and killing potential. While it’s not broken like the Mastiff once was, the EVA-8 is a consistent weapon that works with almost any set-up. It can be a little reliant on getting a purple shotgun bolt, but a skilled player can still make good use of it without an increased rate of fire. Plus, this is a very easy weapon to fire from the hip, making it great for those hectic fights or close-quarters brawls. This isn’t to say the Mastiff isn’t good, it’s still fine, but the EVA-8 is definitely the preferable choice.

Sniper Rifles


Despite the removal of Skull Piercer, the Longbow DMR remains one of the best snipers in Apex Legends. While the Sentinel hits harder and the Triple Take is better for newbies, the Longbow benefits from a faster fire rate and the ability to increase its headshot damage. This makes it quite easy to use when you are fighting very mobile targets or ones that are dipping in and out of over. It also doesn’t require players to waste any additional resources to power it up for extra damage, which is always nice. The Longbow is undoubtedly the most reliable sniper in the game, making it the go-to choice for anyone who wants to engage at a distance.

Bocek Bow

I know it’s not technically a sniper rifle, but it might as well be. The Bocek Bow made waves early on due to its insane damage and remarkably fast fire rate. Even with a nerf to its damage, the bow is still a very powerful weapon for those who can land consistent shots. Not only does it deal high damage, but the bow’s fire rate can be improved with a hop-up. You can also transform it into a shotgun, making it more effective at close-range fights. Simply put, the Bocek Bow is a flexible, strong weapon that can decimate enemies before they even get close to your team. There’s a very good reason this bow is used by a lot of players in both Arena and Battle Royal.


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