The Best Apex Legends Weapons in Season 5 (June 2020 Meta)

Season 5 of Apex Legends is finally here so it’s time to evaluate all of the unique weapons you can use. With multiple guns getting adjustments, there have been some shifts at what the best options are for those looking to claim victory. When making our list of the best weapons we decided to not include any crate weapons so don’t expect to see the Kraber appear. Additionally, we are looking at a weapons general performance, damage numbers, and versatility in the new meta.

Since this could easily shift, we will be updating this guide monthly with any changes. Make sure to check back with us to see if any big nerfs or buffs helped raise the profile of a firearm. Finally, if you don’t see your favorite gun on this list that doesn’t make it bad, just not nearly as viable as others. You can still be effective with any weapon in Apex Legends so long as you land your shots and understand the gun’s limitations.

Updated June 2, 2020.

Assault Rifles


Perhaps the most popular assault rifle in the game, the R-301 is a solid, stable choice for anyone who prefers close to medium range engagements. It’s high fire speed and solid damage makes it ideal for cracking shields and putting down anyone in your way. In a single burst, the R-301 does 252 damage without any magazine size increases.

This is more than enough to break a shield and finish an unsuspecting foe off. The R-301’s recoil is vertical and a little bit to the right, but this is greatly improved with a barrel stabilizer. While it’s doesn’t hit the hardest, the R-301 is consistent in its performance, which is all you can really ask for.


The Flatline has always been a generally good assault rifle due to its high damage potential and generally controllable recoil. While it’s not as accurate as the R-301, the sheer stopping power makes up for this. Unfortunately, the Flatline is one of those guns that pretty much demands an Extended Heavy Mag attachment to be viable in the last few circles. It’s supremely easy to run out of ammo in your clip during a fight, which can lead to some awkward moments. If you plan to use this gun, make sure to prioritize getting this attachment above everything else.


Despite receiving a nerf at the start of Season 5, the Havoc is still a decent choice for anyone who takes the time to learn the recoil. That is the biggest hurdle when using the Havoc, as the gun has some pretty nasty recoil, especially when you first pull the trigger. This can make is especially unwieldy at range, so you’ll want to keep an eye out for that Select Fire. Even with the recoil issues and lack of base range, the Havoc still absolutely shreds anyone in medium-range fights. It’s also a very good weapon to pick up at the start of a round since it will decimate most people who are still looting.


One weapon that too many people sleep on, the Hemlock is yucky good when used correctly. With terrific stability and accuracy, you can bully enemy teams from a comfortable distance with the Hemlock. This not only makes it great for defending a point but harassing opponents that are gatekeeping you from cover. Both the single fire and burst fire deal solid damage, but we do strongly recommend getting a scope for this gun. Its ironsights are terrible, especially if you are trying to hit targets on the move. Prioritize an optic as soon as possible if you plan on using the Hemlock – preferably a 2x-4x Scope.



Surprising no one, the R-99 is still the best SMG in the game. This high rate of fire rate weapon is known for tearing apart enemies with shockingly good accuracy. Even though it burns through ammo, the R-99 is still a fan favorite for a reason. When it comes to killing your foes quickly or shattering body shields there is no better SMG. Similar to the R-301, this gun is very reliant on getting an extended magazine and barrel stabilizer to push it into borderline assault rifle territory.


The Prowler has always been a strong SMG that doesn’t get enough love. While many believe that its viability is entirely reliant on getting the Select Fire, we still find the base version of the Prowler to be quite good. This comes down to the burst fire design of the Prowler, which makes the gun especially easy to control. It may take a little practice to get used to the burst fire, but it’s absolutely worth the effort. Switching it to full auto kicks this gun into overdrive, allowing you to mow down anyone with relative ease.



Skullpiercer is back so it’s time to welcome the return of the headshot king. Since Apex Legends’ release the Wingman has been a beloved weapon due to its sheer stopping power and accuracy. Even though it took a backseat the past couple of seasons, the re-introduction of the Skullpiercer Hop-up has made this one of the best weapons in the entire Season 5 meta. With a 2X HCOG Bruiser or 1X HCOG Classic sight this hand cannon can accurately take down foes with only a few rounds. If you’re serious about climbing up the ranks then get ready to learn this weapon inside and out.

Light Machine Gun


Formally a crate weapon, the L-Star is still the best non-supply drop LMG in Apex Legends. It’s fast fire rate, extremely high damage, and generally predictable recoil lets you mow down anyone at close range. This weapon is also great for hip firing since it absolutely spews out energy rounds. Despite not being the flashiest gun available, the L-Star is a reliable firearm that will rarely fail you in your time of need. Just make sure to manage its internal cooldown, otherwise, you might be stuck reloading when you swap to it.



Look, I love the EVA-8 Auto as much as the next person, but the Mastiff is the close quarters king. For the first time ever, the Mastiff is no longer a supply drop weapon and has been rebalanced. Even with the nerf to damage, headshot multipliers, and fire rate, this is still a nasty close-quarters weapon. Capable of downing foes with ease, the Mastiff is at its best when you need a weapon to finish someone off. It’s only downside is the damage can be pretty inconsistent, so make sure to aim for the body to maximize the number of pellets that actually hit someone.

Sniper Rifles


With the return of the Skullpiercer Hop-up, the Longbow DMR has taken its place as the best sniper in Apex Legends. While the Sentinel hits harder, the Longbow benefits from a faster fire rate and the ability to increase its headshot damage. This makes it quite easy to use when you are fighting very mobile targets or ones that are dipping in and out of over. It also doesn’t require players to waste any additional resources to power it up for extra damage, which is always nice. The Longbow is undoubtedly the most reliable sniper in the game, making it the go-to choice for anyone who wants to engage at a distance.

Update History

June 2020 – Added Hemlock. Removed Triple Take.


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