Apex Legends Arena Flash Event Guide – How to Earn Points

Apex Legends’ Season 9 is in full swing and it’s bringing some of the biggest changes to the game yet. Along with a bunch of weapon and character rebalancing, Legacy introduces the latest character Valkyrie, a new weapon, changes to Olympus, and a bunch of cosmetics. Of course, the main attraction is the new game mode called Arena. This 3v3 mode has players competing in rounds to prove which group is better in a firefight. Tied to this mode are separate “Arena Flash Events” which offer additional rewards for those willing to play Arena.

How to Get Arena Flash Event Points

You can earn points during the Arena Flash Events by completing the Daily Challenges found in the Challenge Menu. These will update every day with new tasks for you to complete and they are, mostly, pretty simple. This can include completing Arena matches, getting knockdowns, and winning matches in a row. Every challenge you complete will earn you between 100-200 Points and some challenges have multiple stages. You will need a total of 5,000 points to complete the tracker and earn the free loot available.

Keep in mind, you cannot earn points by participating in the battle royale mode. This is strictly tied to the Arena mode and Arena Flash Event challenges. The only way to earn points is by finishing these challenges, so make sure to prioritize these every day when you log on. If you miss out on completing these challenges then you cannot earn skins like Bloodhound’s Bright Plumage or Wattson’s Kawaii Voltage.

Apex Legends Arena Flash Event Points

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If you’ve been lagging behind in your battle pass, this flash event is one of the best ways to quickly earn some free tiers. Since you can unlock a total of 39 stars by just hitting 3,500 points, it’s a great way to catch up if you’ve fallen behind in your Weekly Challenges. Remember, these Arena Flash Events will appear throughout the season and only last a week. Because of this, you’ll want to make sure to check each week to ensure that a new flash event hasn’t started. Also, consider trying to double up on challenges and work on Weekly ones alongside the flash event challenges.

For the unfamiliar, Arena is a 3v3 game mode that forces teams to purchase their abilities, weapons, and consumables before each match. They will then battle it out until one squad is eliminated, earning their team a point. The first team to win three rounds is declared the victor. There is no reviving or additional battle royale mechanics. Arena is all about which team can coordinate and kill their opponents, so it’s a terrific place to practice getting into firefights. Respawn Entertainment will also be introducing a Ranked Arena mode, which will have a different ranking system then the traditional battle royale mode.