Apex Legends Anniversary Guide – How to Earn Points During the Event

Apex Legends is two years old! To celebrate, developer Respawn Entertainment has released the new Apex Legends Anniversary Collection event. Revolving around a new mode and some fan-favorite skins, players can hop into this event right now to pick up some sweet rewards including some event packs! Along with being able to purchase skins, players can also earn a bunch of free rewards by finishing challenges during the event. Here’s everything you need to know about the Anniversary Collectio Event.

How to Get Anniversary Collection Event Points

You can earn points during the Anniversary Collection Event by completing the Daily Challenges found in the Challenge Menu. These will update every day with new tasks for you to complete and they are, mostly, pretty simple. This can include getting into the Top 10 four times, dealing damage, or just playing the game itself. Every challenge you complete will earn you 200 Points, for a total of 600 Points per day if you finish every challenge offered. However, the damage point challenge has different levels so it is possible to squeak out some extra Points early on. To earn everything you’ll need a maximum of 5,000 Points, meaning you’ll need to finish 25 of these challenges to earn everything this season.

Keep in mind, you cannot earn points by getting kills, winning games, or completing battle pass challenges. The only way to earn points is by finishing the Anniversary Collection Event challenges, so make sure to prioritize these every day when you log on. What makes this collection event actually worth the effort is you can earn two Anniversary Collection Event Apex Packs. These typically are reserved for those willing to spend real money, so make sure to snap these up. If you decide to buy everything before the event ends, you will just earn their value which is 700 Apex Coins per pack.

The new event is called Lock and Load, which has every player dropping onto the map with a White Evo Shield, HCOG Classic Scope White Shotgun Bolt, and a Mozambique. The rest of the loot pool is Rare (Blue) or higher, which will certainly make landings even more chaotic. However, you might want to hold onto that Mozambique, since you’ll need to do 3,333 damage with it to earn an exclusive Gun Charm. This charm will only be available during the event, so keep an eye out for the Hammer Points Hop-Up so you can add some extra punch to this weapon.

Unlike previous Collection Events, this one is bringing back a bunch of popular and rare skins with a new gold, red, and white design. While this won’t reduce the exclusiveness of skins like the Jade Tiger Octane, it will make a variant of it more accessible for new players. Additionally, there are no new heirlooms tied to this event. Instead, you will earn 150 Heirloom Shards to spend on any of the existing heirlooms. So if there’s one that you haven’t earned like Caustic’s hammer, this is a terrific method for grabbing an heirloom you need.

The Apex Legends Collection Event goes live at 1 p.m. EST today on all platforms until February 23rd.


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