Apex Legends Adrenaline Affliction Skin – How to Unlock This Octane Skin

The Apex Legends Chaos Theory event is coming to a close, but players can obtain a free Octane skin if they’re a member of Prime Gaming. Called Adrenaline Affliction, this outfit is Rare and features a cool purple lizard scale design along this legend’s arms. If you have been really hunting for a new Octane skin, then this is certainly worth adding to your collection. Plus, the Prime Gaming skins will never appear again so you should at least acquire it before this outfit vanishes on April 14.

Here’s how to get the Adrenaline Affliction Prime Gaming skin:

How to Unlock Adrenaline Affliction

To unlock the Adrenaline Affliction skin, you will need to link your Prime Gaming account to your EA account. This can only be obtained if you have Prime Gaming, so if this is a service you don’t use then you cannot get this outfit. Assuming you have a Prime Gaming account, go to the Prime Gaming page and then click the picture of Octane under “In-Game Loot and More.” Doing so will ask you to link your accounts, so use the EA Origins profile that your game is linked to. If you’re on Steam this will be the one tied to your Origin account when you initially logged in. Once you’ve linked those accounts, the Adrenaline Affliction skin will instantly be added to your collection. Again, this is the only way to obtain this skin and you’ll only have a couple of weeks to grab this one so make sure to pick it up!

Apex Legends Adrenaline Affliction Octane Skin

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The new event is called Ring Fury Escalation, which introduces a new hazard that players will need to avoid. Throughout the match (and event), smaller rings will spawn in previously safe areas. Called Ring Flares, these will damage anyone caught inside for the current damage value of the normal exterior ring. Before a Ring Flare ignites, all legends in the vicinity will be warned of this imminent threat. To help protect players, a new item called a Heat Shield will be available. When deployed, it will create a small dome (similar to Gibraltar’s) that prevents any ring damage to those inside. Players inside the dome will be temporarily safe and will receive a 50% use time for healing items and a pick up teammates 25% faster. This effect only activates if the dome is in the ring.

Players use this item, a new slot called Survival Items has been created. Users can carry up to two Heat Shields or Mobile Respawn Beacons, freeing up their inventory space. This should help those items become more useful in general and Ranked play. Additionally, Bangalore will finally be getting an heirloom and a variety of weapons/characters received tweaks to their kit. While last week’s Ring Fury Escalation was only on King’s Canyon, Respawn Entertainment has expanded this event to include to Olympus.


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