Apex Legends Arena Guide – How to Earn Crafting Materials to Buy Gear

Apex Legends’ Season 9 has officially launched and it’s bringing some of the biggest changes to the game yet. Along with a bunch of weapon and character rebalancing, Legacy introduces the latest character Valkyrie, a new weapon, changes to Olympus, and a bunch of cosmetics. Of course, the main attraction is the new game mode called Arena. This 3v3 mode has players competing in rounds to prove which group is better in a firefight. Taking inspiration from games like CS:GO and Valorant, Arena allows players to purchase weapons, armor, and abilities between each round. Here’s how earning crafting materials works in Arena so you can buy your ideal loadout:

How to Earn Crafting Materials in Arena

There are four ways to earn materials during and between rounds in Arena. Before we get into the details of each, here’s a quick rundown of how much you’ll earn Crafting Materials.

  • Killing enemies
  • Interacting with full material canisters
  • Not spending any materials during a round’s buy phase
  • Just completing a round (regardless if you win or lose)

Apex Legends Arena Crafting Materials

Your most common methods for obtaining materials will be just completing a round of Arena. Every time you finish a round you’ll earn some materials. The amount distributed to every player entirely depends on what round you are on. With higher rounds giving you more than enough to purchase a weapon and some supplies even if you lost. So even if you aren’t getting kills, you should get enough for a respectable loadout the longer the game goes on.  Additionally, you can also earn some materials if you didn’t purchase anything during the round you’re currently playing. For example, if it’s round three and you decide to not buy anything, you’ll get some extra money to spend towards round four.

With that being said, the main source of Crafting Materials is by killing enemies or interacting with the material canisters scattered throughout the arena. There are three canisters available per round and if anyone on your team grabs it then everyone in that squad gets 200 materials. Typically, you should have enough time to grab one of the canisters early on into the round if you’re quick. This will give you a nice boost going into the next match, so it’s almost always worth seeking these orange cylinders out.

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When it comes to actually purchasing items, I always found it’s good to focus on purchasing a weapon that’s good for medium to long-range flights. A lot of squads like to battle at a distance and drain resources before engaging. It’s an effective strategy, so you’ll also want to consider picking up some additional Shield Cells of Shield Batteries. While you can find some in supply boxes around the map, these can be risky if both teams are heading in the same direction. You also won’t want to ignore your abilities, as these can drastically change how your team approaches fights. Remember, some characters can stack their abilities multiple times like Bangalore’s smoke or Bloodhound’s scan.


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