Anthem Colossus Class Guide: Abilities, Grenades, Strengths

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The Anthem Colossus Javelin (say that five times fast) is the game’s big, bad  tank class. The Colossus suit is built to withstand a bunch of damage — both for yourself and your teammates. It also has a wide variety of powerful weaponry to help clear out large numbers of enemies.

Anthem Colossus Guide Hints

Melee Ability

Heavy Smash: The Colossus has similar melee abilities as the Ranger, but its attacks are much more powerful. It can either dive out of the air and smash into the ground, or bash enemies directly in front of it. Both can kill your run-of-the-mill enemies instantly, but it can also knock down more powerful foes.

Heavy Assault Launcher Abilities

The Colossus has wrist-mounted weaponry that can serve as a compliment to the shoulder-mounted weapons which replace its grenade abilities.

Heavy Cannon: Fire a basic rocket to deal a large amount of damage.

Flame Thrower: Shoot flames onto nearby enemies, leaving the environment ablaze.

Flak Cannon: Like a beefier shotgun that’s ready to deal close-range damage to the tougher enemies in Anthem.

Railgun: Fire a high velocity projectile, dealing massive damage to a single target.

Acid Spitter: Shoots a single acid projectile which explodes, leaving a pool of acid and applying damage over time to enemies caught within.

Support Abilities

As the Anthem tank class, the Colossus’ support abilities both draw attention (or “aggro) and help give nearby allies more damage resistance.

Taunt: Force all nearby enemies to attack the Colossus.

Deflector Pulse: Release a pulse which boosts nearby allies’ damage resistance.

Ordnance Abilities

While the Ranger only has varying types of grenades, the Colossus has much more powerful options. Note that the mortars indicate their area of effect — unlike grenades. They even highlight which enemies would be affected at the given moment.

High Explosive Mortar: This mortar deals more damage than the Heavy Cannon and does so over a slightly larger area.

Burst Mortar: Rather than firing a single mortar shell, the Burst Mortar launches a volley of smaller projectiles, which explode over the area. This is a good option for those looking to deal with lots of basic enemies.

Firewall Mortar: The Firewall Mortar creates a wall of flame which damages any enemies that try to pass through it.

Lightning Coil: This damaging attack will strike a random target with a burst of electricity. The lightning will prioritize targets with status effects, so make sure to coordinate with your teammates to weaken the enemies you really want to damage.

Shock Coil: If you want to deal a bunch of damage to one target, choose Lightning Coil. If you want to take out lots of enemies, go for Shock Coil. This one will send out wave after wave of electricity from the Colossus.

Ultimate Ability

Siege Cannon: The Siege Cannon is the Colossus’ ultimate ability. It arms the Javelin with a very powerful, well, cannon which shoots a massive round. The shot is so strong it leaves a mushroom cloud in its wake. BioWare recommends it for both clearing out smaller enemies and burning down powerful bosses.

That’s all we know about the Colossus Javelin class at this point! We’ll update this guide as we get closer to release and the game’s demo opens up in a few weeks. For now, head on over to our Interceptor guide to see what the next Anthem class has to offer.

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