Animal Crossing New Horizon’s Rover’s Briefcase Guide – What to Do With It?

A new Animal Crossing: New Horizons event has arrived and it’s all about flexing those puzzle-solving skills. Dropped onto a mysterious island with none of your gear, you’ll need to craft your way through a tricky maze. Waiting at the end is Rover, a character that has appeared in numerous Animal Crossing installments. While you can’t recruit this feline to live on your island, he will give you a reward for beating his maze.

How to Get Rover’s Briefcase

The only way to get Rover’s Briefcase is by beating the maze during the May Day event. This is a decent challenge since you will be relying on the gear and items provided to you. If something goes awry use the Rescue Services application to rescue you and reset the maze. Since you cannot get another May Day ticket for a full real day, the last thing you want to do is quit and not be able to access the event. Currently, there is no other way to get Rover’s briefcase and you cannot repurchase it from the Nook Shopping application.

Rover’s Briefcase sells for a measly 2,000 Bells, so you’re better off keeping it and just locking the item away in storage. If you’re having trouble with the maze, we wrote out a step-by-step walkthrough of how to complete this challenge. Additionally, you can collect several Bell Vouchers scattered around the outside of the maze. You will need three pieces of fruit to access one section filled with vouchers, so make sure not to eat them until you’re ready to shatter some rocks! These vouchers are worth the extra effort since you’ll make 27,000 Bells when they are redeemed.

More Animal Crossing: New Horizons

The May Day event runs until May 7th, so so you still have plenty of time to complete this maze. We know that you earn one ticket a day, but it’s unclear if there are more rewards to be earned. Our guess is no since the marketing material for this even thas solely focused on the maze and not multiple challenges. There are no other items you can earn after collecting the vouchers and Rover’s briefcase so just head back to your island. You can now display this lovely traveling briefcase for all to see anywhere in your town or home.


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