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Finding the perfect wallpapers for your home in Animal Crossing: New Horizons can be challenging. Not only can you not see what’s even out there until you’ve purchased or unlocked the item, but a bunch are locked behind seasonal events. That’s why we’ve taken to rounding up the most popular wallpapers in New Horizons right now. Keep in mind that some of these are popular simply because of their rarity. A good majority of these have never been made available unless you’re one of those time travelers.

Prices of the wallpapers have been sourced from Nookazon.

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Jingle Wallpaper

Sells For: 3.0M Bells

Assuming it’s obtained the same way as previous Animal Crossing games, the Jingle Wallpaper is available on one day a year: December 24. On that day, Jingle will appear and will give every player one gift after you talk to him enough. He has a pool of various jingle items that he can give you. What you get depends on how you answer him. You may be able to get more than one of these items by changing your shirt when he can’t see you. He’ll assume you’re a different person and give you another gift. You can only do this so many times before he catches onto the charade and cuts you off with a laugh.

Iceberg Wallpaper

Sells For: 1.5M Bells

The Iceberg wall is currently one of the most in demand wallpapers in New Horizons. This is largely because the game just came out recently and there hasn’t been a proper winter season yet. Only time travelers have had access to snow thus far and that’s a requirement for this DIY recipe. When snow does finally fall on your island, you’ll need to gather ten snowflakes. These appear randomly on the ground whenever it has been snowing.

Snowflake Wallpaper

Sells For: 1.5M Bells

Same story as the iceberg wallpaper, but this one will require 12 snowflakes.

Cafe-Curtain Wallpaper

Sells For: 990k Bells

This is the most popular, non-seasonal wallpaper in the game. Everyone wants to create their own cafes it turns out. You can get it from Sahara as a mystery wallpaper so make sure to try every time she’s in town. Otherwise it’ll set you back nearly one million Bells.

Mush Wallpaper

Sells For: 700k Bells

It should come as no surprise that this is yet another event wallpaper. The Forest Wallpaper is available exclusively during the Acorn Festival which runs during October (or May in the Southern Hemisphere). Players will need to have a certain number of the four different mushrooms: rare, round, skinny, and fat. You’ll also need some clumps of weeds so stock up on those too!

Starry-Sky Wallpaper

Sells For: 780k Bells

Celeste is the only one who can give you this wallpaper. Talk to her on any night she appears and she’ll offer you a DIY recipe. If you’re lucky enough to get this one, you’ll need to gather five star fragments and one large star fragment to craft this.

Ski-Slope Wallpaper

Sells For: 600k Bells

As long as you have the DIY recipe, all you need is eight snowflakes to craft this one.

AC cityscape picture

Cityscape Wallpaper

Sells For: 600k Bells

If you want to create a high rise apartment, Sahara is the one to talk to. There’s no guaranteed way to get this wallpaper short of buying it from another player. Just keep talking to Sahara unless you’ve got a few hundred thousand Bells lying around.

Sci-Fi Wallpaper

Sells For: 500k Bells

It might not be obvious based on the name, but Celeste has the recipe for this wallpaper as well. It requires the same number of star fragments as the starry-sky one.

Forest Wallpaper

Sells For: 500k Bells

Another Acorn Festival item. This wallpaper requires a total of 200 acorns to be handed over to Cornimer. These drop throughout the event and must be gathered by the player.

Underwater Wallpaper

Sells For: 500k Bells

This is a summer themed wallpaper which requires three summer shells and three coral to craft. That means you only have to wait another month or so to get your hands on it!

Party Wallpaper

Sells For: 500k Bells

And finally we have another Sahara wallpaper. This birthday celebration themed wallpaper is sure to brighten up the mood on someone’s special day.


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