Sea of Thieves Ancient Tribute Sails Guide – How to Get the New Sails

The new Vaults of the Ancient content update has hit the shores of Sea of Thieves. Revolving around the Gold Hoarders, players can venture on a new quest that will lead them to a vault full of treasure. However, getting to this vault is easier said than done, as this is a multi-step quest. You’ll need to piece together map pieces and obtain a key before you’re even allowed to enter this vault. Along with riches, players can also earn two new sails from Larinna for completing commendations tied to this new content update.

If you’re looking to show off your treasure hunting skills, here’s how to obtain the Ancient Tribute Sails in Sea of Thieves.

(Author’s Note: There’s a chance the commendation amount is more, as selling three chests wasn’t enough to trigger it. We will update this guide once we know the total amount.)

How to Get the Ancient Tribute Sails

To get the Ancient Tribute Sails you need to complete the commendation Hoarder of Ancient Tributes. This commendation is completed by selling fifty of the new Chests of Ancient Tributes, which are exclusively located in the vaults. To obtain these chests you will need to first speak to Larinna at the tavern on any outpost. and purchase the quest from her. This will put a special compass in your inventory, which points you towards fragments of a torn-up map.

When looking at the compass, the spinning gold key will move and point you towards which direction you have to sail. What island you need to visit is entirely random, but you can tell you’re on the right one when the pointer’s spinning starts to sporadically move on the compass. Once you’re on the correct island, look around until the compass’ needle starts spinning wildly in a circle. Dig at your feet to discover a piece of the map, which will be added to your inventory. Keep repeating this process until you either finish the map or have the part where the red X is marked. Head to that island and dig up a chest to earn some gold and the vault key.

The name of the vault key will dictate where you need to go, so head towards that island. Place the vault key in the square slot next to the entrance to raise the vault door. Here’s where things get tricky because you will have three minutes to run inside, solve a puzzle, and escape with the treasure. If you don’t, the door will snap shut behind you and trap anyone inside. There is no way to reopen the door, so if the Ancient Tribute Sails are your goal then prioritize the puzzle.

How to Solve the Vaults of the Ancient Puzzle

To solve the puzzle itself, you will need to first find three medallions that are scattered throughout the vault. These can be anywhere, so make sure to also examine the rafters and platforms above you. Once all three medallions have been found, place them into the center puzzle table. This will cause symbols to glow on the table indicating what symbols need to be displayed on the pillars. For example, if the first medallion shows a Skull symbol, then the far left pillar needs to have the Skull symbol face the room. Repeat this process for all three pillars until you reach the fourth one which won’t have a corresponding medallion.

Instead, look for the symbol that showcases every symbol displayed on the previous three pillars plus an additional one. Once all four pillars have been placed, run back to the table and hit the button to open up the secret door where the new chest is hidden. Now grab as much loot as you can and escape before the door slams shut. Congratulations, you have earned the Chests of Ancient Tributes, which can be sold at the Gold Hoarders!


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