Among Us Pets Guide – How to Purchase & Equip Pets

Have you ever wanted to betray your friends and make them question their trust in you for weeks? If you answered “Yes,” than developer InnerSloth’s Among Us is the game for you. This multiplayer games tasks players with repairing a futuristic base as 1-2 fake crewmates attempt to systematically murder the opposing users. Among Us encourages people to only talk during specific “Discussion” moments to level the playing field for the imposters. This crafts tense scenarios, where people attempt to deflect, accuse, and save themselves from being ejected into space.

While you will spend the majority of your time trying to complete tasks or being murdered by the imposter, you can also dress up in cute outfits. In Among Us, players can also run around the space station with pets which will accompany you during gameplay. However, these are not available

How to Get Pets

Unlike regular outfits, you have to real-world money to obtain the various pets in Among Us. These each cost $2.99 and are available on both mobile and PC. Just remember that Among Us doesn’t support cross-save, so the pet you purchase will be locked to that system. Additionally, pets are sold in bundles so if you want the flying saucer you’ll need to get the Brainslug bundle which includes the gree goo alien. You’ll always get two pets per bundle, which does make the $2.99 fairly reasonable. You can access the store by clicking on the dollar icon in the bottom right corner or via the cosmetic computer in the lobby.

More Among Us

Once you purchase your pet, you’ll need to be in-game to actually equip it. When you boot up a match, you’ll start on a ship with a bunch of other players. Approach the computer in the center of the room and interact with it. Doing so will bring up the customization menu, allowing you to equip whatever pet you’ve purchased along with an adorable outfit.

Here is every pet you can buy in Among Us:

  • Bedcrab Pet Bundle
  • Brainslug Pet Bundle
  • Hamster Pet Bundle
  • Mini Crewmate Bundle
  • Stickman Bundle

Keep in mind, pets do not impact the gameplay in any way, so don’t expect them to avenge your death or call out an imposter. They just follow you around while you play the game, being generally adorable and useless. Unless you have money to burn or are really desperate to stand out, the pet bundles aren’t worth the money. They’re small accessories that most people won’t even notice or care about. Among Us already offers a nice collection of costumes for free, so just use those instead.