PUBG Mobile Season 15 Rewards: All Ranked, Royale Pass, and UC Skins

Get ready to get some stuff.

Forget Season 12 (or whichever celebrated the PUBG Mobile second anniversary). Season 15 is where it’s at. Why? Because it just so happens to the be the first season since the game’s massive 1.0 update. For those new to convoluted version numbers, PUBG Mobile 1.0 spelled the end of the game’s unofficial beta state, making it a feature complete game that could (but won’t) function just fine without any other updates.

So Season 15 must be a big deal, right? Not quite. There’s no real new mechanics to this season, but it’ll still go down as the game’s first post-release set of rewards. If the game is still alive and kicking years from now, you’ll be able to wear your participation in Season 15 like a rite of passage; as proof that you were there when things got real.

Here’s what Season 15 has to offer. Get ready for the grind.

Season 15 Ranked rewards

Season 15 Start Date

PUBG Mobile Season 15 carries on the game’s eight-week love affair with content rollouts. Prior to 1.0, two patches would roll out over the course of a season — a smaller (minor) one, and a larger (major) one. If that pattern continues still, expect Season 15 to end shortly after the next major patch in early-mid November.

For exact dates, we only need to turn our attention to the marketing material. Season 15 begins September 15 and ends on Nov. 15, 2020. After that, expect a week or two before Season 16 comes along to take us into the new year.

Season 15 Rewards

Season 15 technically comes in two flavors: the Royale Pass and ranked play. Both have rewards that suit the season’s theme, but how you get them couldn’t be more different.

Ranked Classic

For participating in Ranked Classic, you’ll be able to nab Season 15 exclusive cosmetics seen above. You’ll need to climb all the way to Ace to unlock the whole set, but you’ll only need to reach a Top 10 finish in five Gold-tier matches to get the outfit. Here’s the lot;

  • Gold: Season 15 Outfit + 600 Silver
  • Platinum: Season 15 Mask + 800 Silver
  • Diamond: Season 15 SKS Skin + 1000 Silver
  • Crown: 3x Rating Protection Card + 1300 Silver, Crown name tag, and “Epic” team effect
  • Ace: Season 15 Parachute + 1600 Silver, Ace title, name tag, and “Legendary” team effect

PUBG Mobile Season 15 Pass rewards

Royale Pass

We’ve already mapped out our guides for the first two weeks of Season 15 mission lists. You can read more about those over here. But why join in with Royale Pass 15 at all? It’s where the game’s more unique and time-sensitive skins are found. Once eight weeks pass, they’re tossed back into the vault never to be seen again. Some of the most popular skins from across the seasons come back for a last hurrah, but typically only after a year or so as encores to entice people to throw down their cash again.

So what’s in it this time? The Beyond A.C.E theme focuses on another evolving skin — one that changes as you level up the pass. Elite Pass Holders unlock the Whitestar outfit as soon as they buy in. At RP rank 60, it changes to the Silverstar set, gaining more color, accents, and… pants, thankfully. At RP Rank 100, hardcore players will be able to upgrade to the Blackwing version for around 4,800 RP. The helmet? That comes in at an additional 1,800 with the current discount.

For free players, the best you can expect is a Silver Plate VSS gun skin. There’s a Samurai Ops parachute skin before that, but that’s only there to make you envious of those with the full-fat Samurai Ops skin paying players get at RP Rank 100 as an alternative to the evolving base skin. Rough.

PUBG Mobile Season 15

Season 15 UC Purchase Bonus

It’s a bit of a sneaky move, but Season 15 includes a “purchase bonus” to encourage a bit of light spending. Throw down a dollar (60 UC) for the Cyber Tribal Mask, another for the Cyber Tribe Outfit, and another for the matching Cyber Tribe Machete. They’re premium-looking goods for not a lot of cash, but they’re likely designed to get you hooked, so watch out.

You’ll get the first two rewards without actually spending the UC you buy, but throwing down the $3 total will simply “unlock” the ability to purchase the machete for, you guessed it, 180 UC. Crafty.

And that’s your lot. As is the case with the Royale Pass, the sooner you join in (and the more you play) the better chance you’ll have of getting the RP required to max it out. Miss too many of the daily missions and you’ll have to buy your way to the finish line to get whatever it is you might want out of it.

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