All Fortnite Skins – New Skins, Leaked Skins, & Battle Pass Skins


With more than a year under its belt, Fortnite keeps growing and growing. As time goes on, the number of Fortnite skins continues to climb and it gets harder to keep track of them all. Our post will detail all Fortnite skins; including new skins, leaked skins, and season skins while providing details on how to obtain them.

Leaked Fortnite Skins

All of these skins were leaked in the Fortnite v6.31 update and those that still haven’t released from previous patches!

Season 6 Fortnite Skins

Season 6 of Fortnite has an evil theme and as such we’ve got a bunch of good vs. evil skins. You can only obtain these via the Season Battle Pass.

Legendary Fortnite Skins

All of these Legendary skins will run you 2000 V-Bucks—or about $20—and are available randomly in the Fortnite shop.

Epic Fortnite Skins

Epic skins are priced at 1500 V-Bucks—about $15. Most new skins are released at this price point.

Mogul Master & Alpine Ace Skins

We’ve grouped the Mogul Master and Alpine Ace skins separately since there are so many of them.

Rare Fortnite Skins

These skins run for 1200 V-Bucks ($12). They’re less common these days, since Epic is releasing more outlandish (and slightly more expensive) skins instead.

Uncommon Fortnite Skins

Uncommon skins are actually much rarer than Rare skins. They’ll cost you 800 V-Bucks ($8).

Promotional Fortnite Skins

Epic made these skins available via various promotions, such as console purchases, and Twitch Prime or PlayStation Plus memberships. They have never been available outside the promotional period.

The Samsung Galaxy skin will be available for purchase in the future so we have not included it. We also didn’t include the Starter Pack skins because those have been in the item shop as well.

NFL Skins

Fortnite has partnered with the NFL to bring jerseys from all 32 teams!

Season 5 Fortnite Skins

Fortnite Season 5’s theme was “Worlds Collide.” It included skins like vikings alongside more modern fashion. These skins were from that season’s Battle Pass and are no longer available.

Season 4 Fortnite Skins

Superheroes! Season 4’s Battle Pass contained the following skins.

Season 3 Fortnite Skins

The season in which Fortnite really blew up, Season 3’s Battle Pass is probably the first that many remember as the game rocketed into the stratosphere with a fitting space theme.

Season 2 Fortnite Skins

The first-ever Fortnite Battle Pass had a Medieval theme!

Season 1 Fortnite Skins

You could only unlock these skins in the Fortnite Item Shop if you hit a certain level during the first season. There was no Battle Pass yet!

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