All 5 Shrine of Flooded Embrace Secret Locations – Sea of Thieves

Season 4 of Sea of Thieves is here, so it’s time to dive beneath the waves to learn more about the sirens and steal their treasure! Scattered throughout the world, players can locate siren shrines that are not only filled with the aforementioned angry seafolk, but a ton of new loot for you to take back to your trading company of choice. Along with all these rewards, you can uncover new journals in each of the shrines. Not only will these give you some nice lore tied to the new season, but it’s necessary if you want to complete every commendation to earn the Coral Curse. Below are details and screenshots of where you can find all 5 secret journals in the Shrine of Flooded Embrace!

Shrine of Flood Embrace Secrets

You can find the Shrine of Flooded Embrace to the south of Shipwreck Bay and west of The Crooked Masts. When you arrive, look for a blue and purple shimmering around the water. This will indicate where you need to dive to reach the underwater shrine. Just remember, other players could stumble across your ship so consider hiding it among the rocks of Shipwreck Bay and using a rowboat to get over.

Sea of Thieves Shrine of Flooded Embrace Journal

Journal 1

Once you swim to the shrine itself, you will stumble across a massive overturned ship that’s guarded by a few sirens. Kill these enemies and then swim to the under the flipped boat. When you look up you will see a large mast and open watch where the water hasn’t flooded. Swim up through the hatch to find an air pocket and the first book nestled in the corner.

Journal 2

Probably the trickiest journal to find, leave the boat and swim about halfway down to the bottom. Then turn around so you are facing the boat you just left. There are several archways of rocks, one of which has a bunch of glowing coral and an iron gate. Go towards the gate and open it up to reveal a hidden area. Inside will be the journal on the floor by some purple coral.

Journal 3

Now leave the cage and swim farther down until you reach parts of another wrecked ship. Right next to it you should see one of those glowing pieces of coral you can shoot so you can swim through the shimmering siren wall. Blast or stab the piece of coral so you can pass through the door to an area filled with food and ammo. On the left side of the door will be some wooden planks, coral, and the third journal.

Now swim all the way to the bottom of the shrine. You should see part of a ship’s hull covered in some coral near a corner. On top of the hull, nestled between some of the wooden planks, is the fourth journal. Just be careful, sirens will sometimes spawn down here and attack. Listen for the change in music and prioritize defeating them.

Journal 4

Journal 5

The final journal in the Shrine of Flooded Embrace is also at the bottom of the shrine. From the last journal, turn around and swim to the other side, over parts of the destroyed ship. You are looking for two bright blue glowing pieces of coral on some wood. Hidden among the coral is the final journal.