Alchemy Stars Reroll Guide For Bluestacks and Android

Hope you’re ready to spend a few hours rerolling for a specific unit, friend.

Alchemy Stars is the latest addition to the ever-growing collection of gacha anime games currently in service. Taking the polish of previous fan-favorite titles (such as Arknights and Girls’ Frontline), Alchemy Stars boasts one of the smoothest UIs I’ve seen in a gacha game in a very long time. Complete with a diverse cast of anime heroes to collect, and unique gameplay that I can’t quite compare to any other game. It’s a beautiful game with gorgeous anime art and techy menu UI. If you’re a fan of gacha games, you should absolutely give this game a shot.

As with any other gacha game, if you wish to be competitive, or if you’re seeking high rarity units, you will have to go through the unfortunate cycle of rerolling. Rerolling is a process where you deliberately uninstall and reinstall the game, or bypass the system by using an emulator, to complete the tutorial multiple times and spend your early premium currency to take a spin or two at the gacha. While Alchemy Stars commits the grave sin of not giving you a “reroll until you’re happy” option (similar to Counter:Side), thankfully, the tutorial is extremely short, taking you approximately five minutes if you skip all cutscenes.

In this guide we provide detailed instructions on how to reroll in Alchemy Stars!

Reroll Step-by-Step Guide

A quick note before we get started – rerolling is completely optional. You are not required to reroll should you get less-than-ideal units. The game is completely playable without top-tier units, but you will progress a little slower than if you had rerolled. Furthermore, depending on the element you choose (Fire, Ice, Forest, Lightning), you may find yourself struggling at certain points in the game.

First off, while not necessary, you can download an emulator. I recommend Bluestacks (make sure you get the x64 Nougat version.)

Optional Step – Here you can choose whether or not you wish to play on the US Server or the Global Server. It is believed that the Global Server will be treated better than the US Server in terms of events, free gems, and so on (for reference, there are also JP, KR, and SEA servers.) Global is entirely in English, so the choice is up to you. Should you choose to play on Global, you will need to download QooApp on your emulator / phone, and then download Alchemy Stars via the QooApp app.

Should you choose to play on the US Server, simply navigate to the Google Play store and download Alchemy Stars.

Creating A New Account

Once you load up Alchemy Stars it will ask you to log-in, however, you do not need to. In fact, until you are satisfied with your roll, you shouldn’t! Instead, tap on the person icon in the lower left-side, next to the Twitter icon. That will sign you in as a Guest.

Global Users – You can choose to play on the JP/KR/SEA server with fully translated text, if you so desire. However, you can also play on Global. The choice is yours!

Once you’ve chosen your server (or if you’re US, you don’t get a choice), you can get into the game. Progress through the tutorial until you complete 1-4. Once you’ve completed 1-4, check your mail and redeem all gifts. Head to the Recruit tab and spend your currency. My recommendation is to spend your 10x Gold Summons via the Mainstay Banner first, and then decide if you want one of the two Banner units.

If you want a solid Water or Fire team, the Carleen and Uriel banners are excellent, as both units are extremely potent for their respective colors.

If you want a Forest or Lightning team, it is better to spend your Lumamber on the Beginner Summon Banner. This is personal preference, so do some research by checking out our tier lists guide!

But let’s say you fail to get what you want. Time to reroll, baby!


Click or press on the settings cog icon and log yourself out. Once you get back to the title screen, the top left corner will have a signout option, which you should press. Be warned – once you do this, if you haven’t linked your account, your roll is gone forever!

From here, it’s a matter of hitting the person icon and starting the tutorial all over again, progressing through 1-4 and rolling until you are satisfied! Once you are, remember to link your account. You can do this by tapping the Settings cog in-game and hitting the “Link Account” button in the lower left.

That’s everything you need to know about rerolling for Alchemy Stars! Did you get the god roll you were looking for? Or are you like me and spent hours until you got what you wanted?


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