7 Days to Die Safe Guide – How to Unlock Floor, Wall & Gun Safes

Safe-ty in numbers

So you want to be the ultimate survivor and conquer the undead hordes in 7 Days to Die? Well, it’s easier said than done, as this zombie survival game will task you with everything from scavenging supplies to cooking food to completing quests to facing down all types of terrifying ghouls. Similar to games like Rust or The Forest, players will need to traverse the dense world for materials to build their base and gear. While some can be found by just hitting a rock or a tree, containers like safes take a bit more work and luck.

How to Open Safes

In order to open safes, you will need to use lockpicks or manually break the lock. These can either be found hidden throughout the world or crafted if you obtained the Lockpicking skill. Alternatively, you can learn to lockpick if you read The Great Heists Complete book. Once you have some lockpicks, go to the safe and hold down your interact button. This will bring up a small menu showing a lock icon, so highlight this option. Doing so will throw up a timer that slowly counts down to zero.

Here’s where things can get a bit annoying because one lockpick does not guarantee an opened safe. If the timer stops halfway through that means the lockpick broke and you’ll need to use another one. Your work will be reset to the previous quarter on the timer and the number of lockpicks you’ll use will be entirely random. Sometimes I’ll break into a safe with a single lockpick, while I’ve had to use 4-5 on other safes. There is no way to increase your lockpick’s durability, so I recommend crafting a lot if you plan on venturing out on a scavenging trip.

Alternatively, you can actually break the lock. The amount of damage you need to do varies from safe to safe, as a gun safe requires 5,000 points of damage to break this lock. While you can do it with a gun, explosive, or tool, I don’t recommend it unless you have no lockpicks or the ability to craft them. It wastes a decent amount of resources and time to deal 5,000 points of damage, plus it’s just tedious.

There are three types of safes in 7 Days to Die, each of which requires lockpicks to open. The first and most common are desk safes, which you’ll often find in stores or residential areas. Usually, these contain a decent weapon and some solid materials, which makes them great if you’re just starting. There are also gun safes, which seem to be much rarer and are about the height of a tall bookshelf. These almost always contain multiple guns, ammo, and weapon mods.

The final type of safe is the wall safe. These can be found in any type of building and are sometimes hidden behind those creepy paintings of people. Wall safes also seem to be quite rare, as I’ve only found a couple in my time playing because they are usually hidden behind paintings. Just shoot or smack a painting once to destroy it. Typically, there’s nothing behind it, but you may get lucky and find a wall safe.