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5 Apex Legends Tips for Titanfall 2 Veterans

Friends, I’ve played a lot of Titanfall 2. A lot. And like many fans of the series, I was startled and upset by the release of Apex Legends. I quickly cycled through the stages of grief: denial, anger, bargaining (“Maybe they’ll add titans later!”), depression. Now, finally, I’ve arrived at acceptance. And I’ve arrived at some personally useful Apex Legends tips along the way.

In doing so, I had to realize that Apex Legends plays much differently from Titanfall, despite sharing the same genes. There’s a lot you have to learn and unlearn in the jump, so I’ve compiled a few of my Apex Legends tips for Titanfall 2 vets who want to try their hand at becoming champions.

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1. Use Your Abilities

You’re probably used to having a grappling hook, because let’s be real: who used any of the other non-grappling hook abilities in TF2? Here though, each legend has a unique basic ability that, in some cases (like Bloodhound) should be activated as frequently as possible. It’s also easy to forget to use combat-relevant abilities like Bangalore’s smoke bombs when the bullets start flying, so get into the habit as early as possible.

2. The Grappling Hook Is Bad, Actually

Speaking of grappling, only one character actually has access to it in Apex Legends — Pathfinder, typically considered to be the weakest character in the game as of this writing. Titanfall 2 is all about mobility, and the ability to slingshot yourself around is an easy pick over creating decoys or turning invisible.

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Here, though, the Pathfinder hook doesn’t quite stack up to the other legends’ abilities. Hopefully our robot friend will get a buff in the future… Or else Respawn will give the hook to everyone. In the meantime, the skill just can’t make up for playing Pathfinder in Apex Legends. There are simply too many other, better characters to choose.

3. Everything’s a Little Slower

While it might be neat for everyone to get access to Pathfinder’s ability, it seems unlikely that it’ll happen anytime soon — simply because Apex Legends is a much slower-paced game than TF2. Characters don’t have access to as many movement options. The time-to-kill is higher, too, meaning you have to be a little more methodical when it comes to engagements. You can dance around a little bit to throw off your foes’ aim, but that’s mostly it in direct combat. Take your time and use those iron sights!

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4. Readjust to the Weapons

Many Apex Legends weapons will be recognizable to TF2 veterans, but some are substantially different. Others are missing entirely (the CAR had to sit this one out).

The good news for Titanfall vets is that the G7 rifle is still very, very good. It even uses the highly common light ammo! And since engagements tend to play out over a slightly longer distance in Apex Legends, the G7 is arguably even more useful here.

The bad news is that the Mozambique has fallen from Mozam-best to Mozam-bunk — to the point that it’s basically worse than nothing at all.

“But it’s a gun, right? That’s better than punching,” I can hear you say. Technically, yes, but let me ask you: would you rather go down swinging honorably or be the guy whose death box contains a Mozambique?

Oh, and the Mastiff — so bad in TF2 that it became a joke — is a legendary weapon you can only get from care packages. Wild, I know.

5. Spicy Boys Are Your Friends

There are no true Spicy Boys in Apex Legends as of yet, but they function as the game’s loot crates — or “loot ticks” — delivering your hard-won voice lines and Mozambique skins when you level up. Sometimes you’ll stumble upon one of these little guys out in the field, too. When you do, you can bash it open with a melee strike to get some neat equipment. I know, it’s heartless. But you’re going to need all the help you can get, pilot.

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