5 Apex Legends Beginner Tips For All You Warzone Players

It’s been a big season for Apex Legends already. Along with all the new content added into the game, this battle royale’s player base has exploded thanks to a large number of big Warzone content creators jumping ship. As someone who has dumped an embarrassing amount of time into Apex Legends, I have noticed a lot of newer players still trying to grasp the fundamentals. This is a very different battle royale game, one that has a lot of mechanical nuances you’ll need to master. The game can also just be overwhelming to brand new players who have no idea what the hell is happening as players are launching into the air all around them.

So if you’re a new player coming from Warzone, here are five things to keep in mind as you begin your journey in the arena.

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Learn to Disengage

This is a problem that a lot of veteran players suffer from too, but I am mentioning it here because it’s a skill you’ll want to develop early. When you’re in a fight in Apex Legends, if it’s not working out or your squad isn’t comfortable with the battle then just back out of the battle. There’s an “all in” mentality players suffer from where they feel as if they need to see a fight through. Understanding when to disengage, heal up, and reacquire more advantageous positioning can make or break a game. Everyone wants to have the big damage/high kill games, but it’s simply unrealistic. Sure, you might be a prodigy at popping heads, but if you push a team that has high ground you’ll have a difficult time even securing a single kill.

Stop Always Landing Hot

I am begging new players to stop landing at the hottest zones on the map right away. For the unfamiliar, a hot drop is considered either a location where there’s a blue circle on your map or any place that often sees a comical amount of action right away. On World’s Edge, this is Lava Siphon and Fragment West/East. If you’re brand new to the game your chances of surviving these places right out of the gate is pretty slim. You won’t learn much from just landing at Fragment (especially if you’re brand new) because you’ll often end up dying within a minute of hitting the ground.

This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t avoid these areas or drop hot when you feel confident. However, landing at other places not only helps you learn the map but get a better understanding of what end-game fights are like. After all, you won’t learn anything except what the lobby screen looks like if you only drop in extremely active areas.

Play for the win, not “the clip.”

Good Starter Legends

Perhaps the best part of Apex Legends is the diverse roster of characters you can play and master. Each of which possesses their own unique abilities, allowing you to dynamically change how you approach engagements. Picking one to “main” can be tricky — especially with Respawn Entertainment constantly adding new legends. But some of these characters are easier to grasp than others. So if you’re brand new some legends I recommend trying out are:

  • Bloodhound
  • Octane
  • Bangalore
  • Gibraltar
  • Horizon

These are some of the easier legends to just pick up and begin fragging with. Each of them provides their own utility, but they’re not terribly difficult to understand. Some of the characters like Wattson, Crypto, and Pathfinder take a bit more nuance to really show their potential. If you are brand new to this game my top two picks are either Bloodhound or Bangalore. The former has probably the easiest-to-use abilities in the entire game while the latter is a solo queue powerhouse. Both are viable in every stage of the game and will absolutely be great characters to dump time into learning.

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Be Ready to Fight Multiple Teams

“Third Party Legends” is a common joke you’ll hear as you play more and more. Unlike Warzone which boasts a massive map, Apex Legends‘ arenas are fairly small. The high mobility of legends allows teams to quickly move across the battlefield, which makes being “third partied” a pretty common occurrence. For the uninitiated, being third partied means a second team attacks you while you’re fighting another squad. It happens a lot.

Like a lot, a lot.

Like more than I can convey with the words available to me in the English language.

Sometimes there’s almost nothing you can do and will end up dying to it. This happens to everyone I promise. However, as you play more you will learn to adapt and even plan for this occurrence. While this isn’t as true for public matches, in Ranked a general rule for me is if a fight exceeds 2ish minutes then you should prepare for a third party. A key way to manage multiple teams is to ensure you’re not caught between them. Always try to keep your back safe and don’t be afraid to bail if you sense a battle is dragging on. Sometimes it’s better to leave, let the two other teams engage, and then fight them while they’re weak.

Break Bad Habits

This tip is specifically for Warzone players. There are a lot of tactics and general playstyles that simply don’t work in Apex Legends. For example, you cannot “drop shot” enemies in this game, and having everyone rocking sniper rifles will make you very susceptible to more aggressive teams. Hiding in a corner and holding a single angle also rarely works. Most buildings have multiple entry points and some legends can just detect you via their abilities.

Instead, focus on mastering the game’s movement mechanics. Apex Legends is a very kinetic game, with players launching into the air, dropping airstrikes, and releasing clouds of toxic fumes. Understanding how to not only survive but maneuver around these will keep you alive. Don’t worry about the more technical skills like wall bouncing, strafe jumping, or bunny hopping for now. Just practice quickly moving around the map, firing while moving, and using momentum to reposition yourself faster.


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