Watch This: Fanbyte’s Fancy Streaming & Video Schedule

Get in on the ground floor of this exciting new opportunity (watching us play video games on the internet).

Welcome to video games. You heard of these things? Well, we’ve got ’em and now you can watch ’em. On the internet! The Fanbyte streaming & video schedule is now live for your perusal. Check it out below and make time to stop by! You, too, can be there for such moments as “merritt getting exploded by a scary robot” and “Niki getting exploded by their own hubris” and “John presenting useful information alongside recipe video reactions.” Just head over to to find our shows!


Gettin’ Jiggy with Danielle

Editor-in-chief of Fanbyte dot cawm, Danielle Riendeau, returns to her 3D platforming roots with Banjo-Kazooie! Join her and some friends as she attempts to 100 percent complete the collect-a-thon Rare game from memory.

VANQUISH Your Hunger

On her first-ever playthrough of the 2010 Platinum cult hit, merritt k experiences the wonders and rocket-powered knee slides of Vanquish!

Tuesday Morning: The Show!

Fanbyte Head of Media John Warren continues his video game news expertise with a revolving suite of guests, as they discuss the biggest happenings in the industry LIVE on the air. And if you like that, you can check out John’s video game news podcast, Thanks for the Knowledge, for even deeper dives every week.


“Tuesday” is short for “Never TOO much Nicholas Grayson day.” Niki, Brand Editor+ of Fanbyte, streams a revolving host of weird, often shooty-centric games: from Halo to Fuser to Minecraft and back to Halo again.

Prototype Proto-Hype

As a fan of the strange, overlooked, and forgotten games of yore, Sr. Managing Editor Steven Strom likes to look at the “retro” games from the late 90s onward. Your PlayStation 1, 2, and 3 joints. Your Dreamcast classics. Your PC one-offs from bygone studios. This time they’re playing all the way through Prototype. This open-world mayhem simulator from the creators of The Incredible Hulk: Ultimate Destruction is stupid fun with a lot of blood.

Gamer’s Paradise

Featured Contributor Fūnk-é Joseph brings chill vibes and great games to their weekly series of rotating Let’s Plays. Lately they’re working their way through the bugdom (that’s short for “bug kingdom”) of the beloved Metroidvania masterpiece known as Hollow Knight. But no matter the game, you can be sure they’ll stop to appreciate and evaluate some video game fashion from time to time with a “Fūnk-é’s Fit Check.”

Retro Landfill

A different kind of retro games stream: merritt doesn’t play the old games anybody talks about. Instead, she delves through the history of 8- and 16-bit (and beyond) with a new pile of forgotten nonsense. Each week brings new games with a new theme (forgotten mascot platformers of the Sega Genesis, vanishing WiiWare games, bizarre British astrology simulators, etc.). But every episode has a style that’s uniquely merritt (even if the often very bad games do not).

Fresh Fare

Another show starring merritt, this indie game showcase brings one or two fresh games (usually released that same week) for evaluation. You never know what you’ll find on the Steam new releases page. Neither does she until she streams them, live, for you viewing enjoyment!

Wrath of Khan

Imran Khan, News Editor of Fanbyte, is not an angry man. But Asura from Asura’s Wrath has enough heat for the both of them. Join Imran (and friends) as he plays through the bizarre, loud, boisterous, and incredible fun quick-time event fest that some might say is the weirdest Capcom game of 2012.

Couch Surf

Wading through the rough waters of their own, distinct tastes, the entire Fanbyte crew gathers round the beach bonfire to play new games every week. Together! It’s like a show and tell session with a (metaphorical) Piña Colada in each hand. End the week right with fun, friends, and roughly four different video games. One from each host!

You can find all these shows and SO MUCH MORE on Be sure to check back here, as well, as we continue to update the schedule every week!