NXT Takeover New York: Card Preview

NXT Takeover New York has a positively stacked card. Not a bathroom break in sight.

WWE UK Championship: Pete Dunne (champ) vs. WALTER

Dunne has been champion for so long that he’s gone from weird dirty sex mouse to wholesome dad. If you haven’t seen WALTER before, he’s an enormous Austrian baby man who hits people so hard they immediately start bleeding.

Best possible outcome: This match will slap, literally. WALTER is going to chop Pete Dunne within an inch of his life. The UK title picture needs to get shaken up and WALTER is the man for the job. I think he will win this one.

NXT Tag Team Championship: War Raiders (champs) vs. Ricochet & Aleister Black

Ricochet and Aleister Black are also challenging for the Smackdown Tag Team Championship on Sunday at Wrestlemania and are the only clear next challengers for the Raw Tag Team Championship. This should be a very fun match. Ricochet worked closely with the War Raiders when they were all in New Japan, so they definitely have chemistry. The combination of two little athletic guys with two huge athletic guys will be a good one.

Best possible outcome: Unless WWE is looking to unify all three of their brands’ tag belts, War Raiders will retain. Hopefully they will all do cool flips off of each other first though.

NXT North American Championship: Velveteen Dream vs. Matt Riddle

What more buildup do I need than Dream rolling out on a sofa drinking a goblet to watch Matt’s most recent match on NXT? He explained that announcing the finish to the match, thus saying Riddle’s name, was the biggest compliment he could pay him. This has no right to be anything other than fantastic. Both men are tremendously talented charisma machines. If we aren’t seeing this as a Wrestlemania main event in the next 10 years, there’s no justice in the world.

Best possible outcome: First of all, a LOT of erotic tension. Honestly I’d like to see Velveteen Dream hold onto this title for a little longer and feud with Riddle some more, but I’m not sure how likely that is. I worry for him on the main roster. So I’m saying Dream retains after they have an instant classic and Riddle wins it in August.

NXT Women’s Championship (Fatal Fourway): Shayna Baszler (champ) vs. Kairi Sane vs. Bianca Belair vs. Io Shirai

Shayna Baszler has been a huge brat lately, bullying the whole women’s locker room and saying no one is good enough to wrestle her, so William Regal made her wrestle three people. NXT commentary has been really selling us hard on Bianca Belair thinking she should get a singles match, so it looks like long time friends Io Shirai and Kairi Sane are the babyfaces here. This has every chance of being match of the night.

Best possible outcome: Baszler’s horse girl lackeys are sure to show up and try to cause trouble, but if this week’s episode of NXT was any indication, the women’s locker room is not putting up with their crap anymore. Hopefully we will get to see some Mia Yim action in the run-in carnage. A lot of people are projecting Io Shirai to win this, but I’m hoping for Bianca Belair.

NXT Championship 2 out of 3 falls (currently open): Johnny Gargano vs. Adam Cole

The match originally set to be Tommasso Ciampa vs Johnny Gargano Part One Billion was changed after Ciampa had to drop the title due to injury. Adam Cole is the new challenger after winning a fatal fiveway against Matt Riddle, Velveteen Dream, Aleister Black and Ricochet. They didn’t have a ton of time to get a story going for this, so they’re using the whole Johnny Gargano had to work really hard to become a NXT main event while Adam Cole was a star when he came in thing. I’m not all that excited about this, but Adam Cole in full heel mode is always fun. Expect some Undisputed Era shenanigans and probably Candice Lerae doing a run in.

Best possible outcome: Adam Cole wins and then Candice Lerae steps over the unconscious bodies of the Undisputed Era to challenge him! Johnny Gargano goes away for a while.