You Can Focus a Seasonal Deepsight Weapon Daily Next Week in Destiny 2

With the Lightfall expansion rapidly approaching in Destiny 2, developer Bungie is making it easier for folks to craft all those seasonal weapons from last year. Announced today via the This Week at Bungie blog post, players will now be able to focus one Deepsight weapon per day for each of the seasonal H.E.L.M. vendors.

This means that Season of the Risen, Haunted, and Plunder will be impacted by this change. The current season (Season of the Seraph), will also follow this daily rule of focusing a Deepsight weapon. So if you are looking to fill out your collection and complete craftable patterns now is the time to grind for these guns. Remember, you will still need the corresponding Umbral Energy and an Umbral Engram whenever you try to focus any of the previous seasonal weapons.

Along with these changes, Iron Banner will also see some slight alterations. There will be an increase to the reputation per match along with raising the multiplier for reputation based on how much Iron Banner you have on. Additionally, players will gain more reputation next week if they have an Iron Banner emblem equipped, so make sure to dig one out of your collections tab! This is all in response to players wanting to grind for the new chainmail-themed shader, which requires nearly two full vendor resets with Lord Saladin.

Some weapons I recommend crafting first are Thoughtless, Sailspy Pitchglass, Bump in the Night, Piece of Mind, and Brigand’s Law. These are some of the best seasonal weapons from last year and are absolutely worth crafting. All of these changes will go live on January 31st, so start stockpiling your Umbral Energy if you need some of the seasonal guns!