Yoko Taro Says the Nier Series is Over Which Obviously Means a New Entry is Coming

Whether it's near or far is probably still up in the air, though.

It’s kind of inexplicable how popular the Nier series has become since the series’ introduction a decade ago, or its soft introduction with the Drakengard games 18 years ago. What was once, at best, a cult series is now a multi-million seller with gacha games, crossovers, remasters, and all the merchandise you can shake a stick at under its belt. All of which makes now seem like a great time for Yoko Taro to announce the series is over, because he’s out of ideas.

He is, of course, joke-lying, a thing that Yoko does often and well.

It comes from a holiday message from the current heads of the series: Producer Yosuke Saito, Yoko Taro, and composer Keiichi Okabe. In the message, Yoko says he has no more ideas, so he’s done, which is immediately followed up with “That may prove to be a lie.”

They don’t directly say, hey, a new Nier game is in development, but they get real close to doing so. Yoko has joked around stuff like this and, with work on Nier Replicant, the base game of Nier Reincarnation, and Voice of Cards wrapped, it makes sense that he is now on another project. Especially considering the series cleared 7 million units this year just between the last two titles.

But I also definitely wouldn’t expect to see it any time soon, as all three people in the video make mention of waiting for Nier’s 15th anniversary — which is in 2024 — with anticipation.