Xbox Series S Finally Revealed, Has Very Tantalizing Price Point [UPDATE]

This is probably the cheapest way to jump into next-gen.

Update: Microsoft has officially unveiled all of the previously leaked information, including confirming that the Xbox Series S will launch on November 10. Notably, there’s no mention of the Xbox Series X in the accompanying trailer, so it’s unclear if that date applies to the more powerful console. It more than likely does, but it’s odd that Microsoft decided to just…not…mention it. After a year of promoting the more powerful console, the Xbox Series S has come in and stole the release date and price announcement. Maybe we’ll hear the Xbox Series X date and price soon, because now that we have a date for the Series S, it’s clear Microsoft is cutting it really close.

Original story follows: Wild that after including the name of the console on the packaging of its own products what finally prompted Microsoft to reveal the Xbox Series S was a leak of the thing’s actual design. Yes, Microsoft has announced its smaller, less powerful Xbox Series X alternative, and while we still don’t know a ton about it in terms of its specs, we do know something about it we still have yet to get official word on for its bigger, more powerful counterpart: the price.

After leaks showing the console’s design began last night, Xbox decided to unveil the box through its Twitter at 3:13 a.m. ET this morning, confirming that the Xbox Series S will launch at $299 this November and will be the smallest console ever manufactured under the name. Xbox’s own announcement was scarce on details, but leaks from Thurrott say that the console won’t have a disc drive (seemingly confirmed by the render Xbox posted on its social channels that shows it at a different angle), but will otherwise be capable of pretty much everything the Xbox Series X is in terms of functionality. Including: 1140p resolution at up to 120 FPS, DirectX Raytracing, Variable Rate Shading, Variable Refresh Rate, Ultra-Low Latency, Custom 512GB SSD, 4K streaming media playback, 4K upscaling for games.

In other news:

The $299 price point is probably going to be the most accessible way for people to jump into the next generation of consoles this holiday season, as it’s unlikely that the Xbox Series X or PlayStation 5 will be this cheap. Sony has announced a digital-only version of the PlayStation 5, but it will be the same specs wise as the standard console. This means it will likely be cheaper, but not that cheap. Regardless, both Microsoft and Sony have been quiet about the price for the Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5, as both companies seem to be playing a game of Chicken to see who is going to reveal first. Keeping in mind that these consoles are around two months away at this point, with the latest reports from Windows Central saying the Xbox will launch on November 10, with the PS5 to follow what appears to the be the next week. Windows Central also says the Xbox Series X will be launching at $499, which sounds about right. Hopefully with all this information leaking out Microsoft will make an official announcement soon.

Whatever the case is for the release date and price, the Xbox Series X/S launch took a significant blow last month after the delay of Halo Infinite, which was meant to be the system’s big first-party game to sell the consoles with. It seems like the game is undergoing some significant overhaul, as the project is seeing some shifts in its high-level personnel. According to Head of Xbox Phil Spencer, there were talks about releasing Halo Infinite’s single player campaign and free-to-play multiplayer as individual products to avoid a complete delay, but those talks fell through.