Multi-Platform Port Kickstarter for the Wonderful 101 Smashes Goal

Fans of the Wii U exclusive The Wonderful 101 PlatinumGames helped a Kickstarter for its port blow past the goal in less than half a day.

As it turns out, there are a lot of fans ofThe Wonderful 101, which became a cult hit after its exclusive Wii U release. And those fans really want to see it ported, because a Kickstarter for a self-published, multi-platform port blew past its financial goal within hours of the campaign’s start.

The Wonderful 101’s campaign originally had a modest goal of ¥5,425,000 JPY; that’s $49,890 USD. Financial backing blew past this goal in “half a day,” according to Platinum. And at the time of this article’s publication, it has well over a million dollars, more precisely over $1,150,000.

At the start of 2020 PlatinumGames promised a year of exciting news. First was its purchase by Tencent, which allows Platinum to move into self-publishing. But it appears as part of that self-publishing ambition, Platinum first chose to lean back towards this classic title. (There’s also a site owned by Platinum that just has the number

Because of The Wonderful 101’s Wii U exclusivity, fewer Platinum fans were able to experience the game. That said, one can likely imagine why it became, you know, a cult hit. As a result, it’s a highly-demanded candidate for ports. Platinum even teases this fact in the introduction to their Kickstarter video.

wonderful 101

The game’s story takes place during a war between Earth and an alien organization called the Geathjerk Federation. Of course, with it being a PlatinumGames game headed by Kamiya, things aren’t as simple as it looks.

The gameplay is tricky but exciting. First, players recruit local citizens into heroes. Then, throughout gameplay, the crowd of “heroes” can be turned into objects called “Unite Morphs.” More heroes in the crowd means more abilities in the Unite Morph. These Unite Morphs are used not just for battle, but also map traversal and puzzle-solving. Part of the shtick with the Wii U was the use of a touchscreen in order to create shapes, much like in Kamiya’s hit Okami.

Thanks to the campaign’s massive success, it appears that fans that have moved on to any other platform will get their cake and eat it too. Stretch goals for the campaign included ports for major platforms: $50,000 for a Switch port, $250,000 for a Steam port, and $500,000 for a PS4 port. Obviously, provided the current Kickstarter numbers, we’re prooooobably going to get all of those ports, provided each platform cooperates. (And there’s no way any platform wouldn’t cooperate with PlatinumGames.)

Of course, there are other stretch goals. The funding has already passed that for a “Time Attack,” which is described as, “A speedrunner’s dream!” There’s also a 2D side-scrolling game at $1.5 million called “Luka’s First Mission,” and a “Remix Soundtrack” at $1.75 million.

wonderful 101 platinumgames
Hideki Kamiya and some of the Wonderful 101 development team.

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Meanwhile, while campaign is technically funded, the campaign is still also technically up. And while it’s up, Platinum is offering regular looks into the process.  It has three weekly updates: Magnificent Monday, Wonderful Wednesday, and Fantastic Fridays. On Mondays, the team promises to talk about the “art and sound” of the game, plus show off fan art. Wednesdays are about design and story, plus the merchandise made for the campaign.

Finally, on Fridays, there’ll be more of a two-pronged presentation. One is one-on-one interviews with various developers; the other is showing off indie campaigns on Kickstarter. The latter is especially welcome, as Platinum seems to recognize their clout on Kickstarter versus that of other projects that the company may overshadow.

In short, it looks like Platinum displays as much enthusiasm for the ports as fans have in their financial support. Hopefully, the release hits its estimated April 2020 date.

Oh, and if you want a dedicated “Blocked By Kamiya” tweet, that’s one of the rewards.