Who Needs Human Companionship When You Can Have a Life-Sized Lucario Plush?

He's a shoulder to cry on or can help you do household chores.

The Pokemon Company has been doing a lot with its merch lately. From gigantic Arcanine plushes to Gengar chairsPokemon has been coming up with plenty of weird ways to make its different pocket monsters part of your life beyond the games and anime. And now, it’s gone so far to sell a large plush of Lucario that it’s put together a photoshoot of the Steel/Fighting Pokemon as what essentially looks to be a life partner of a human model.

The 47-inch tall (notably taller than the short king is in the Pokemon games, where it is 3’11”) plush is available on the Pokemon Center, and will run you $419.99 US Dollars. And the thing that makes it special beyond it being the height of an elementary school student is that it has bendable arms and legs that can be kept in any pose you like. The Pokemon Center was sure to take advantage of this feature as it modeled all the ways Lucario could imitate life. Such as this photo to the right, where we see the Pokemon listening to this woman tell it about her day. Who needs therapy and human connection when Lucario can listen to you talk about your deep-seated issues with commitment for a one-time payment of $420 dollars (plus tax and shipping)?

But wait! There’s more. Lucario also is shown acting as not only an attentive shoulder to hear how your day at work went, but it can also act as a life partner who will help you do the dishes on the days when dirty food bits are just one thing on your plate that night. Why spend all that money buying a dishwasher when Lucario can help you instead?

I know I’m really playing up the bit here, but I’m starting to craft a story about this woman and her Lucario plush. Gone is the need for the petty squabbles of man, the only person who she needs is her Super Smash Bros. main as a plush that can pose as whatever she needs it to be. Look at this photo! It’s something straight out of a Hallmark movie but instead of her realizing she loves Christmas, actually, she’s just happy to have her best Pokepal.

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Anyway, if you want a cheaper way to experience Pokemon companionship, Pokemon Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl are out on Switch today. We’re playing through them now and writing about them as we go. So be sure to keep an eye on Fanbyte for more Pokemon in the coming days.