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When Is the Next Final Fantasy XIV Live Letter?

Players are hungry for the next batch of information about upcoming content.

Among a sea of MMO’s out there for players to get their hands on, one aspect that sets Final Fantasy XIV apart from the others is the developers’ intimate connection to the players. Year after year, the game wins best community, and it is mostly due to the Live Letter from the Producers, a periodic web stream where director Naoki “Yoshi-P” Yoshida and producer Toshio Murouchi discuss new things coming to the game in the next content update.

Big expansions are always what players are looking forward to, but smaller, intermediary patches are typical with Final Fantasy XIV, and there are many of them. The game enjoys fairly frequent updates that are only one to two months apart each, although some patches might be smaller than others. Typically, bigger patches will have two dedicated Live Letters, and fans have seen a pattern form between when the first Live Letter is announced, when the second Live Letter airs, and then when the patch drops.

When will the next FFXIV Live Letter from the Producer air?

Then next Final Fantasy XIV Live Letter from the Producer will air on Sept. 23 or 24 depending on where you live. The second Live Letter for patches like this usually happen a few weeks after the first part of the Live Letter, which for Patch 6.5 was late July at NA's FanFest. Fans know that Patch 6.5 will release in early October, so they are speculating that the next Live Letter will give an accurate date, and some are estimating the patch to release on Oct. 10.

The Live Letter will focus on Patch 6.5 and serve as the second Live Letter detailing what's coming, including new story, Dungeons, Trials, an Alliance Raid, and more. The Live Letter will broadcast live on YouTube or Twitch and will likely not have an English translation.

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