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Was No One Gonna Tell Me About this Statue of Pikachu Cosplaying Palkia?

He's just a lil guy.

Pikachu cosplaying different Pokemon, characters, and even uniforms associated with certain professions isn’t new. It’s the basis of plenty of merchandise The Pokemon Company has put out over the years. Even as I write this,  I have a plush of Pikachu dressed as a member of the devious Team Skull, as well as one dressed in a cap and gown my brother gave me for my college graduation. But y’all, I don’t think I’ve ever been targeted by one of these more directly than Pikachu cosplaying Palkia, the god of space in the Pokemon universe.

Pikachu is my favorite Pokemon. Well, more specifically, Raichu is my favorite, but the evolutionary line of Pichu, Pikachu, and Raichu are the same Pokemon to my brain because, to me, they’re the same person. Just at different stages of life. Palkia is one of my favorites as well, acting as my primary water-type in my “canon” team of six Pokemon. He’s such a cool dude, and I was glad to re-experience him as a mascot character in Pokemon Shining Pearl last year, and was thrilled with his role in Pokemon Legends: Arceus (even though we don’t talk about his new form). As such, I’m a little miffed it took me stumbling upon this adorable statue of Pikachu cosplaying the space god, which came about after I started looking into a Pikachu phone charging base and then saw this king in the Google results. This is a piece of merchandise so specifically catered to me that I have to have it. Even as I lack proper shelf space as of this writing.

The statue isn’t huge, coming up on just about five inches in height. So, space god Pikachu doesn’t take up too much space. And hey, Palkia’s whole deal is warping space, so maybe he can shift my shelf just enough that he could fit. But look at him! He’s got a cute lil Spacial Rend attack going on here. What an absolute boss. I love him. I have to have him…as soon as I get over the hump of trying to just buy fewer things. And I better get over it quick, because it’s selling out at a few stores already.

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This adorable little guy was apparently announced as part of a Pokemon Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl promotion, as Pikachu also has dressed up as Dialga, the time god of the Pokemon world. It’s just as cute. But I don’t have an overwhelming love for Dialga that compels me to buy it. The Palkia one, though? It’s a matter of when not if.

Was No One Gonna Tell Me About this Statue of Pikachu Cosplaying Palkia?

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