Wargroove Announces Free DLC With Co-Op Campaign And More

In the first DLC for last year's hit tactical RPG, Wargroove gets new units, new Commanders, new editor features, and a ton more.

Look, I dunno if now is the greatest time to be talking about a war game. But we can maybe talk about fantasy war, which involves killing unambiguously bad people and letting doggos help. Good? Alright, we can compromise there. In that case, let’s chat about Wargroove, which is bright, cheery, and lets you suspend fiction just well enough to enjoy it. And it’s getting a free DLC!

The medieval tactics game is getting its first DLC, titled Double Trouble, on February 6th. Even though it’s free, it’s a massive update that introduces plenty of new things to do in the popular turn-based strategy game. Its main feature is the co-op campaign, the first to be introduced to Wargroove. There are new controllable units, including new Commanders, as well as hot (literally) new map editor options and the option to set up lobbies.

Wargroove’s new co-op campaign puts you — and a friend, if you wish — on a journey to grab some ransoms and save a kidnapping victim. “After an unexpected kidnapping and some severe ransom demands, your group of rogues have no choice but to perform the biggest heist that Aurania has ever seen – plundering riches from the Imperial Palace of Heavensong, Stone Mountain Fort of Felheim, the Celandine Vault of Cherrystone and the Floran’s Iron Roots reserves,” the Wargroove: Double Trouble DLC’s description reads. “But do you have the chops to get the job done?”

As part of the release, it’ll add three new “rougish” commanders to give a whirl. Not much information is out on these yet, but we’re sure it’ll give cunning new ways to push through each map. And if that’s not enough, there’ll be two new units use in each battle.

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But those more interested in the game’s popular editing and custom scenarios will have a bit to try too. Wargroove’s new DLC includes the Volcano map theme for custom editor tools, plus “more updates” to try. For those looking to battle friends or even try competitive setups, the DLC introduces the option for public and private multiplayer lobbers. Interestingly, there’ll also be “competitive online Quick Play” maps. We dunno what that means, but is Wargroove esports now?

Wargroove got pretty rave reviews upon its release last year. It was praised as a spiritual successor to the hit Nintendo Game Boy Advance game Advance Wars, a popular turn-based army tactics game. The game was surprisingly approachable, especially for its genre, with an intensive tutorial and bright, all-ages-friendly graphics.

In this indie “revival” of these aesthetics and gameplay, Wargroove revived and expanded on many of these praises. It brought cute, bouncy-even-when-idle sprites, a gorgeous soundtrack, and a cheery aesthetic despite the literal themes of war. The good news for fans is, with Wargroove’s Double Trouble DLC, it looks like the game gets plenty of love from its devs as well.