Warframe Veilbreaker Update is Live, Brings Styanax Frame & Weekly Missions

Anyone who logs into the game before September 21 will get the Styanax for free.

The Warframe “Veilbreakerupdate is live now and with it comes the game’s 50th titular Warframe, Styanax, along with other swaths of new content.

The update was originally unveiled at this year’s TennoCon alongside new footage of the upcoming “The Duviri Paradox. Styanax will probably be the most important new addition to players not caught up with the story, however. All players will be able to acquire Styanax for free as long as they log into Warframe before Sept. 21, 2022.

The shield-toting character may then help you shake things up as you play through the story content, which is a direct continuation of The New War update that launched last year. Veilbreaker’s main quest involves Grineer Kahl-175, who also debuted in The New War as a playable character and is once again controlled by the character on special missions against the religious space cult Narmer.

Veilbreaker also marks the beginning of weekly missions that involve Kahl and an upgradable base of operations where he’ll vibe and facilitate recurring quests.

Check out the rundown trailer below!

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Veilbreaker is also interesting as the first Warframe update totally overseen by Rebb Ford, who publicly took over as the game’s creative director back in July. Though she told Fanbyte she had been in the role more-or-less in secret as far back as February of this year.

The next question is: How much longer do we have to wait for Warframe to get crossplay? Yes, yes, we were told “soon” before, but I just started the game and everyone I know who plays it is playing on PC while I downloaded it on my PS5. Help me play your game with friends, Digital Extremes!

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