Warframe Suffers Review Bomb After Ammo Rework and AoE Weapon Nerfs

The game has amassed several thousand negative reviews on Steam in 48 hours.

Since yesterday, Warframe has been subject to thousands of negative user reviews on Steam in what seems to be a review bombing effort in response to changes meant to address certain AoE-centric strategies in the game’s meta, specifically surrounding ammo types and how it affected different kinds of weapons.

According to members of the r/Warframe subreddit, the changes that got players up in arms were meant to combat a playstyle that involved the Wukong warframe that allows the player to clone themselves and deal twice as much damage to enemy forces. However, if you were equipped with a powerful area of effect weapon, this strategy often allowed players to wipe out swaths of enemy with little thought or strategy because the damage was so abundant and widespread.

Alongside Warframe’s Veilbreaker update, developer Digital Extremes released an extensive patch that included nerfs to Wukong, such as halving its damage and having the character’s clone share ammo with the player instead of having an infinite amount. Alongside this, the studio made some significant changes to specific AoE weapons in an effort to make the playstyle less automated, dominant, and disruptive to other players. This included increasing alt fire ammo requirements for Fulmin and Bubonico, as well as their recharge time per second.

But it also included widespread changes to the game’s ammo system, which meant simplifying the game’s ammo types to Primary, Secondary, and Heavy ammo and taking out Sniper and Shotgun ammo, as well as giving every weapon an Ammo Pickup property that indicates the amount of ammo you get when you pick up an ammo box. Where things got tricky were for weapons that use battery life as opposed to requiring ammo pickups, as these recharge over time and didn’t require an ammo pickup to use. Recharge times were nerfed across the board in order to keep these kinds of weapons in line with those that use ammo. This is apparently a root of the issue for some fans. And after the negative reaction, Digital Extremes has restored these weapons to their original recharge rate, and is looking into a new solution.

“When we were reviewing ammo acquisition as a whole for Update 32, we felt weapons with Ammo Regen Rate Overrides, or “Battery,” in particular, needed a place within the ecosystem of change we had established. That said, upon review of feedback, we recognize we were a bit heavy-handed with the changes we made to Battery weapons,” the studio said in its patch notes. “We have restored their original values for the time being while we reassess how we can better approach these weapons.”

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As of this writing, Warframe received 2,979 negative reviews yesterday, September 8, and has already received 2,673 negative assessments today, September 9. While this speaks to a sentiment a section of the player base is feeling right now, it’s important to note that many instances of review bombing to this scale are carried out by bots. So while the number may sound and look huge on a user review graph, the amount of people who feel this passionate is likely skewed, to some extent.

We reached out to Digital Extremes and the studio declined to comment.

Shoutout to Fanbyte Senior Managing Editor Nerium Strom for their help with this story.