Warframe Makes Prime Resurgence a Permanent Fixture

Players will now be able to unlock Prime Warframes more frequently.

Warframe is shifting around how it rolls out Prime Warframes by sunsetting its current system and bringing back another. The Prime Vault, where players could unlock these characters and associated equipment, was accessible every three months, but Digital Extremes is trying to make these powerful characters available more frequently with the Prime Resurgence program.

Prime Resurgence was a limited-time event that took place from November 16, 2021 until January 25 of this year. Now, it’s a permanent fixture in Warframe, and will give players more frequent access to some of the game’s most powerful gear. Prime Resurgence will now rotate Prime Warframes and gear monthly, with each month including two different characters and sets that can be unlocked through playing or instantly through buying in-game currency. Here’s a chart that lays out both methods:

Gather Aya

Find this curious Resource in locations where Void Relics usually drop as well as from Bounties and purchased Relic Packs.

Instantly Access with Regal Aya

Purchase Regal Aya: Available on All Platforms

Exchange Aya for Void Relics

Bring Aya to Varzia, allowing her to extract the specific Void Relics needed. Find her in Maroo’s Bazaar, Relic Segment, or through the in-game Market.

Exchange Regal Aya for Primes

With Regal Aya, Varzia instantly manifests gleaming Prime Warframes, Weapons and Customizations of your choice directly into your Arsenal! Take your Regal Aya to Varzia Dax in Maroo’s Bazaar, Relic Segment or in-game Market to exchange for Primes instantly.

Open Relics for Prime Blueprints

Complete Void Fissure Missions to acquire Prime Blueprints from Void Relics and collect the Resources to construct them.

Enjoy Your Arsenal

Take your new Prime gear out into Missions!

Craft the Primes

Use the Orbiter’s Foundry to combine Prime Blueprints and components to build Prime Warframes,  Prime Weapons,and more!

Enjoy the Prime Loot

Equip Prime gear in the Arsenal and take it out on Missions!

The new rollout begins today and includes the Wukong Prime and Equinox Prime warframes. Check out the launch trailer below:

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As for other Warframe updates beyond Prime Resurgence, Digital Extremes just launched the Veilbreaker update, which includes a free warframe for those who log in before September 22 after some technical issues extended the rollout for a day. Though it does sound like some fans took issue with some of the sweeping changes it made to some of the game’s systems.

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