Warframe Cross Generation Play Arrives Alongside PS5, Xbox to Come

Your progress will at least carry over between PlayStation consoles (for now).

We’ve known a Warframe cross save feature has been in the works for a while, but the developers at Digital Extremes previously told us that Warframe crossplay was a “pie in the sky idea.” That no longer seems to be entirely the case, however. Courtesy of a PlayStation Blog post about the game, we know both features are coming to the free-to-play action game sometime soon. At least if you’re buying a PlayStation 5 and want to transfer your progress from the PlayStation 4.

Here’s the segment in question:

With PlayStation 5, we get to harness improved hardware architecture and feature suites that upgrade players’ experiences all at once, which is a pretty exciting thing for us. We don’t just get to run our tech better, we get the chance to advance it. That means bringing you tech upgrades like dynamic lighting, enabling you to play with friends across generations with cross-save and cross-play, and so much more!

This is, basically, pretty welcome news! Though it’s understandably unclear what this means for other consoles (Warframe is available on Xbox One and the Nintendo Switch) or even PC. This is the PlayStation Blog reporting the news, after all. I wouldn’t expect Sony to include comments about other companies. Even though the piece itself is written by Dave Kudirka, a Lead Producer at Digital Extremes.

 More Warframe (MoreFrame):

In a follow-up press release, Digital Extremes informed fans to “Look for details on Xbox One Series X cross-generation play in the future.” Which doesn’t really put to bed questions about cross-platform and PC support at all… It sounds like “crossplay” actually means “cross-generation play.” Which is exactly the term Digital Extremes specifically uses in the press release. While the earlier post on Sony’s site used the more ubiquitous (arguably misleading) terms.

Anywho: players on both PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 will connect with one another. You can also transfer your progress from the older harder to the newer stuff. That’s even better news since Warframe is completely free. That means you basically lose nothing for making the jump.

Digital Extremes has been laying the groundwork for true crossplay and cross save for a while. Previously, cross save seemed almost impossible because different versions of the game had different content. The PC version received updates first. Whereas the Sony, Microsoft, and eventually Nintendo platforms lagged behind. That’s no longer the case. Now all versions of Warframe get updates at the same time — paving the way for Director Steve Sinclair to finally confirm it was happening. Eventually.

Crossplay is often a trickier issue. Sony in particular has been reticent about letting players paly with one another across platforms. Though blockbusters like Call of Duty and Fortnite got the fast track treatment. Others, like Rocket League, took longer to get the green light. These days, the Japanese publisher seems a good deal more amenable to the whole thing. (Though it may have been too late for some big multiplayer hits.)

In fact, PlayStation 5 players seem to get more out of the deal than others. The port promises “exclusive challenges and rewards with the Activities feature.” This begins with the Sanctuary Onslaught mode (an endless, timed battle through random waves of enemies). Warframe will also make use of the adaptive triggers on the DualSense controller for added feedback. That’s in addition to the visual improvements I assume will also be available whenever the game hits the Xbox Series X and Series S.

We’ll likely hear even more about all these features, as well as the upcoming Deimos Arcana update, on Nov. 6, 2020. That’s when the next Digital Extremes devstream is scheduled to expand with new information on the game at large.

This post has been updated to reflect clarifying information provided by Digital Extremes.