Xbox Series X/S UI Hints at VR Headset Microsoft Hasn’t Announced

It's unclear if this would be a proprietary headset or compatibility with others.

Xbox doesn’t have a PlayStation VR equivalent for its consoles. But it seems like it might soon, as Xbox Series X/S’ operating system is making reference to a VR headset Microsoft has yet to release. Or, at the very least, other VR headsets might be compatible with the console in the future.

IGN Italy is reporting that, while installing the new Xbox Wireless Headset, they were shown a prompt in the system’s UI saying “Il visore VR deve essere aggioranto,” or “The VR headset needs to be updated,” followed by an option to update this mysterious headset.

via IGN Italy

Whether it’s a proprietary headset along the lines of PlayStation VR, or that Microsoft is planning on making something like Oculus or Vive work with the console, it does seem like VR games will be making their way to Xbox Series X/S in some way.

Interestingly enough, this does run contradictory to some of Head of Xbox Phil Spencer’s statements from last year (not that we haven’t been dealing with that lately), where he unambiguously shot down the idea of an Xbox VR headset.

“We’re not going to do that. I understand certain people would want that, [but] we have to focus our efforts on the things we’re doing right now,” Spencer said on an episode of Gamertag Radio. “And the most precious resource that we have is the team and their ability and I just have to focus on the things we’re doing right now.”

In other news:

On the other side of the aisle, Sony has announced it’s working on a new iteration of PlayStation VR for the PlayStation 5, and will be taking inspiration from the system’s DualSense controller with its features. New patents from the company also hint at it looking for a cheaper alternative to VR users buying controllers by being able to map buttons to household items.