Velma Can Lose Her Glasses in MultiVersus Matches, Too

Jinkies, I hope I don't get launched into oblivion by Bugs Bunny

Renowned glasses-wearer Velma Dinkley of Scooby-Doo fame is a playable character in the upcoming Warner Interactive platform fighter MultiVersus. The character has her trademark look from haircut to thick-rimmed glasses in the game, and as we’ve said in our preview, is chock-full of zany and character-specific moves to unleash on your opponents.

One of those extremely specific moves is Velma’s crawl, something the clumsy super sleuth did a ton during the cartoon’s heyday usually because she lost her glasses in a spooky situation. The developers at Player First Games, clearly detail-oriented as they are, went the extra mile to make the player’s screen blurry when Velma enters her crawl animation, as seen below:

The move, which is performed by moving while crouching, seems to have no benefit to the player, but the extra detail of blurring the environment around her is very clever. For those wondering how this affects online multiplayer, this blurring effect is only for the player controlling Velma and not other players. Local multiplayer will come to MultiVersus in July, so it is yet unclear if this blurring effect will occur during local PvP matches.

Regardless, Warner Interactive appears to have given the budget and runway for a team like Player First Games to really play in the worlds colliding in MultiVersus, which is pretty exciting for folks looking for a new platform brawler to take for a spin. Other entries in this growing, perhaps exhausting, new genre of fighter have not really gone this extra mile. Nickelodeon All-Star Brawl had some charming moments but ultimately didn’t go far enough with the characters to make a lasting impression. MultiVersus, bonkers as it appears, might finally give us characters with enough meat on their bones to give players something to chew on.