Valve to Send ‘More Than Double’ its Past Steam Deck Shipments Moving Forward

The handheld gaming PC has been shipping out in waves since Feburary.

If you’re still on the waitlist for a Steam Deck, it looks like Valve is bumping up its production output, and will be delivering “more than double” the units it has in shipments since the handheld gaming PC launched in February.

News of this comes from a post on Valve’s social channels for the handheld. The company has finished sending out its emails for the second quarter, and will send reservation emails for the third on Thursday, June 30. From here on out, Valve estimates it will be doubling shipped systems, so hopefully those waiting for their Steam Deck shipments won’t have to wait as long as people did in the first two quarters.

Though Q3 emails will begin going out this week, Valve does tell people who are expecting a notification about their system shipping out to check their reservation status on the Steam website.

In other news:

While Valve is getting its shipments sorted out, the Steam Deck isn’t the only portable PC on the market it has to contend with. Ayn has announced the Loki handheld Windows device, which is notably cheaper than the best Steam Deck models. Steam has the name cache with a lot of people paying attention to the games industry, but PC players are especially savvy about how much money they spend on their gaming machines, so it will be interesting to see how the race to make a handheld gaming PC plays out with more competitors on the board.

In the meantime, Valve also has other issues going on with the company’s various projects and properties, as Team Fortress 2 is getting updates to deal with its bot problems following an online protest by fans.