V Rising is a Bloody Weekend Hit on Steam

V Rising sucks, but in the very good vampire kind of way.

Vampire survival game V Rising is clawing its way through the weekend competition on Steam. As of this afternoon,  Stunlock Studios’ indie hit is sitting pretty in the platform’s top ten most played games for the day, with a 24-hour peak of 130,626 concurrent players.

According to Steam DBV Rising recorded its highest player count for the weekend (and all-time high, so far) today around 4 pm CST. Things seemed to have tapered off just a smidge, but it remains firmly planted at number five in today’s daily concurrent player charts. For now, the only games Steam users are playing more than vampire-power-struggle sim are Apex Legends, Dota 2, Counter-Strike, and Lost Ark, but I’m bad at all of those, so it’s number one in my heart.

V Rising made its Steam Early Access debut just days ago, on May 17, and quickly won genre enthusiasts over with its vampy open world. In V Rising, you’ll manage your own spooky castle, fight supernatural beasts, and rise to power as the next Dracula. It’s filled with survival staples like resource juggling, time management, and the ability to terrorize your friends by pillaging their castles or orchestrating manipulative betrayals—you could also play nice, I guess.

Developer Stunlock Studios also announced one of its more notable milestones yesterday, as it revealed more than 500,000 players had already begun their own vampire survival adventure. Pretty damn impressive when we consider it hasn’t even been a week yet.

We’ve got a whole 24 hours left in the weekend, so maybe we’ll see it top that personal player count record before it’s all said and done. I’ve played only a few hours of V Rising myself, but I’m just as smitten with it as I am with some of my other survival game favorites like Don’t Starve Together, Valheim, and ARK. That, coupled with my newly acquired Steam Deck, bodes for a disastrous next couple of weeks where I accomplish absolutely nothing.

If you’re interested in sucking less, like in the way I do at most games, we’ve got a whole list of tips going to improve your Dracula game. Plus a few other V Rising pointer odds and ends, like an explainer on collecting more Blood Essence and handy resources for Blood Types.

[Disclaimer: Tencent, the parent company that owns Fanbyte, is also a majority holder of Stunlock Studios, the developer of V Rising. That being said, there is no direct nor indirect involvement in coverage whatsoever. We do share the love for vampires, but that’s about it.]