Ubisoft Reportedly Working on New Ghost Recon After Series’ Recent Stumbles

Sources tell Kotaku the game could launch within the 2023 fiscal year.

Just a day after it was announced Ubisoft would no longer be adding new content to Ghost Recon: Breakpoint, Kotaku is reporting this is in preparation for a new entry now in development that could launch sometime in the company’s 2023 fiscal year, which ends in March.

The report says sources confirmed the next Ghost Recon is codenamed OVER, and has been in development at Ubisoft’s Paris studio for over a year. However, when fan reaction to the live-service game Ghost Recon: Frontline wasn’t what the company hoped and the internal playtest featured negative feedback, the team made the decision to give the game a “reset,” which has pushed the game further from its original schedule. In the meantime, Ubisoft hopes to fill the gap with the new mainline game.

Also in the mix of all this is the series has become associated with Ubisoft’s NFT initiative Ubisoft Quartz. Which, despite negative reception both from the public and employees within the company, Ubisoft is ready to double down on for future gamesGhost Recon: Breakpoint was the testing ground for Ubisoft implementing NFTs into its games, with cosmetics that were bought and made special for anyone willing to fork over their money for a fake digitally scarce item in a game Ubisoft has stopped adding updates to four months later. So perhaps wiping the slate clean with a new game is what the series needs, but we’ll see how people react to the Ghost Recon name when the time comes.

The state of Ubisoft:

As all of this is happening, Ubisoft is in the midst of a public scandal regarding harassment within its company. One it has made attempts to distance its advertisements from in the years since it came to light, and employees have apparently been less than thrilled with changes made to mitigate the issues.