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Ubisoft Re-Reveals Skull and Bones, Drops Last-Gen Versions

The pirate simulator will launch in November.

Just under a year since reports claimed Ubisoft Singapore’s workplace culture had put it through development hellSkull and Bones has been more or less reintroduced to the world through a new trailer. Oh, and it has a release date.

The gameplay overview trailer is a guided tour through its exhaustive Ubisoft-ass loop. Which includes: pirate ship battles, hunting, crafting, town management, character customization, searching for treasure, and all sorts of online elements that lets you do it with friends. It’s a lot. Here’s the trailer:

On top of getting a re-reveal, Skull and Bones has a release date now. The pirate life simulator will launch on November 8 on PC, Xbox Series X/S, PlayStation 5, and for you streaming sickos, Luna and Stadia, as well. Notably the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One versions don’t seem to be happening anymore. This isn’t totally surprising given that the last-gen consoles were on the docket when the game was originally announced in 2017, and a lot has happened since then. Plus, given the reportedly less than ideal state of development it was in, cutting off the old consoles just seems like the right choice to let the team prioritize more powerful hardware.

In other news:

It will be interesting to see how the game actually turns out after this long, but whatever Skull and Bones turns out to be, it will be carrying stories of its tortured development cycle with it. Among those reports were stories of harassment within the company, though those claims were investigated by a third party that claimed Ubisoft Singapore reacted accordingly. This was part of ongoing issues within Ubisoft as a whole, which has reportedly led to some notable turnover.

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