Tunic coming to PS4 and PS5 this September

Tunic's fuzzy protagonist will be solving puzzles on PlayStation soon

Sony action-adventure fans can rejoice, as Tunic is officially coming to PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 on September 27, 2022.

This news comes from Sony’s latest State of Play, where they showcased a brief trailer of Tunic‘s fox protagonist opening doors, slashing foes, and communicating with mysterious obelisks. Tunic was previously only available on PC and Xbox consoles, due to timed-exclusivity, but it looks like that time is up as the Zelda-like is now finding its way onto other consoles.

Tunic is an adventure game that wears its obscurity with pride. It pulls on nostalgia by having in-game manuals and guides that are reminiscent of early console days. The twist is that the language is incomprehensible until you progress the game and understand the true meaning. Players can drift through using context clues or write down everything they want to remember in a handy journal beside them. Tunic is vey cool for encouraging that kind of player/game relationship.

In Fanbyte’s official review, Grant Stoner describes it as, “the culmination of my childhood game experiences seamlessly mixed with modern accessible innovations. While I was rewarded for every discovery, I never felt pressured to explore a new dungeon or fight a specific boss. For me, Tunic is my comfort game ⁠— a title that lets me relive the best parts of my childhood without fear of my disability preventing me from completing an objective. In an age where games are desperate to deliver new mechanics and innovations, it’s refreshing to play something so charmingly simple and nostalgic.”


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