This Week in News is Electronic and Acoustic

A new Life is Strange, new VR controllers, and big Game Pass announcements.

Welcome to This Week in News, where we summarize all the week’s biggest news with an option to dive deeper if you want to know more.

Blizzard Entertainment Is Hiring for an Unannounced AAA Multiplayer Game – Blizzard is seemingly looking for talent to help build another multiplayer game which doesn’t appear to be the announced Overwatch 2 or Diablo IV. Based on description, the game will be open-world with a heavy emphasis on combat encounters.

Square Enix’s Outriders Coming to Game Pass on Day One – The upcoming People Can Fly shooter will be $60 on every platform, but Game Pass subscribers can get it as part of their subscription on day one. Microsoft and Square Enix have been teasing this inclusion for a few weeks and it marks an interesting step forward for the service.

Exiled Game Devotion Now on Direct Sale From Developer – The Taiwanese-developed horror game went missing for a few years after a joke about the President of China made it into the released game and the developers self-removed it from Steam. After GOG also rushed to undo their announcement that they were selling the game a few months ago, developers Red Candle are now just selling it from their own site.

Xbox Series X/S UI Hints at VR Headset Microsoft Hasn’t Announced – Some new hints in the Xbox UI indicate that the consoles may become VR compatible at some point in the future. While Microsoft has denied they are working on their own hardware, it does not stop the Redmond-based company from striking a deal with another VR manufacturer.

Rockstar Pays Fan Hefty Sum for Reducing Grand Theft Auto Online Load Times – A fan of Grand Theft Auto Online fixed a bug in the game’s code that forced extremely long load times, bringing them down by a matter of minutes. Rockstar has implemented the fix officially and paid the fan $10,000 as recompense.

Jade Raymond Forms New Studio Haven, Partners with Sony for First Game – Jade Raymond, who just unceremoniously left Stadia as Google declared a cessation to first-party development, has already founded a new indie studio called Haven and inked a deal with PlayStation. Their first game will be a new original property.

Riot Games Clears Riot Games CEO of Wrongdoing – A committee connected to Riot made the final call this week to clear their CEO of wrongdoing in a sexual harassment case and not recommend sanctions. Riot also tried to move the lawsuit into third-party arbitration, insisting the case is more complicated than it seems. [Both Fanbyte and Riot Games share a parent company, Tencent.]

Musical Food, Spy Thrillers, and Console Disco Elysium Headline PlayStation Indies Showcase – Sony showcased six new indie titles this week, ending with the critically-acclaimed Disco Elysium. The titles include games about food, colors, and space, so there’s a little something for everyone.

Sony’s Next-Gen VR Controllers Look Like a Sizable Upgrade from PlayStation Move – PlayStation unveiled its PSVR2 controllers this week and they look quite a bit more inline with other VR controllers like the Quest’s and Index’s, which track open/close motions for hands. PlayStation’s VR controllers will have Dualsense features, as well, finally getting away from the decade-old PlayStation Move controllers.

Here’s What You Missed from Today’s Square Enix Presentation – Square Enix Presents aired this week and revealed a new Life is Strange game, the full name of Project Athia (now Forspoken), a spat of mobile games, and some revivals of old Taito games like Space Invaders and Bubble Bobble.

PlayStation Acquires EVO Fighting Game Tournament – PlayStation bought Evolution, the biggest fighting game tournament in the world, as part of a joint-ownership acquisition with esports company RTS. The tournament had been the subject of controversy when its president was forced out after a number of players came forward to accuse him of sexual misconduct when the players were minors.

Warner Bros. Montreal Delays Gotham Knights into 2022 – The bat-family action game from WB Montreal, developers of Arkham Origins, will not be landing in 2021 as originally planned. In a tweet, the developer delayed the game to the next calendar year, citing a need for more time to deliver the best possible experience.