This War Of Mine’s Free ‘Final Cut’ Includes New Graphics And Content

The final content update for This War Of Mine includes new updates to allow the renowned game's legacy to carry on.

Five years after the release of This War of Mine, the game is still touted as one of the more empathetic depictions of war. Players take the role of modern war victims, who must move carefully in the day and night in order to survive snipers, run-down buildings and malicious fellow survivors.

Now, 11 Bit Studios, the development studio behind the hit game, have released the Final Cut edition that comes with both new content and quality-of-life improvements for all who own the game. It’ll be the final content update for the mature, dark game.

While TWoM had plenty of purchasable DLC, this one strays from that path. The Final Cut patch is entirely free to anyone who owns the game.

“We wanted to put the last touch to this phenomenon,” Przemysław Marszał, art director at 11 Bit Studios, said in a press kit, “The phenomenon, which made us who we are today as a team, equally in terms of creative fearlessness and business direction, and helped us pave our further way. Fantastic support from the gaming community was a huge part of that success, so it was without any doubt that this update must be free.”

While you don’t need to buy the DLC to enjoy the update, it does build on much of what the DLC had to offer.

Firstly, there’s plenty of new content to check out. All of the locations from the “Stories” DLC have been added into the game. You won’t get the campaigns without the DLC, but it’s a good start to see if it’s something you’d like to try. There’s also a new character and a new campaign to give a whirl. The character appears to be Livia, who became pregnant before the war.

this war of mine final cut gameplay

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The developers of This War Of Mine promise “remastered versions of all the classic levels.” And to their credit, it actually looks like they put a lot of effort into it. In the comparison images shown on the website, a lot of the models are updated. Plus, the lighting is altered with more contrast and colored lighting to give a better look. It’s a far more digestible, and even realistic, environment to take in.

You can also play TWoM in its entirely vanilla version, with none of the DLC additions. That seems like a mundane change, but with so much new material included in the updated versions, it may be useful for those seeking out the original experience.

Finally, the patch brings improvements for the current generation of gaming graphics. The update includes UI adjustments for 21:9 and 4K viewing modes, plus 64bit and 32bit versions. They also updated the main menu’s look.

If you haven’t gotten the game yet, the game’s on a 75% discount to mark the occasion right now.