This Season of the Deep Perk is Tearing Up the Crucible in Destiny 2

The Season of the Deep has brought a number of new weapons to Destiny 2, many of which have new perks as well. One of these new perks is called Collective Action, and grants a damage bonus when collecting Elemental Pickups like Void Breaches and Firesprites. It’s a pretty solid perk in PVE, but it has the potential to wreak even more havoc in PVP.

See, Collective Action provides a 20% increased damage bonus that lasts for 11 seconds. And it stacks with some other damage buffs, like Elemental Surge mods, meaning that with the right build, you can get Kill Clip levels of damage bonus without needing a score a kill to proc it. The best way to take advantage of this right now is to run a Behemoth Titan with the Tectonic Harvest aspect, which creates Stasis Shards whenever you destroy a crystal.

Combine this with the Elemental Charge mod, which grants an escalating chance to gain Armor Charge when you collect an Elemental Pickup like a Stasis Shard, plus two Void Surge mods, and the new hand cannon Targeted Redaction can two tap Guardians at any resilience, as demonstrated by Fallout in a recent video. The combination of two Void Surge mods and the Collective Action perk pushes Targeted Redaction’s damage to 101 on headshots, meaning you can kill any Guardian in two precision hits.

As for making the Stasis Crystals themselves, Behemoth Titans can easily make them with Glacier Grenades or using the Hoarfrost-Z Exotic to turn their barricade into a crystal wall.

So, yeah. It looks like we have another Destiny 2 perk in the mix that’s relatively inoffensive in PVE but could completely tip the balance of PVP. Depending on how dominant this strategy becomes over the coming weeks, it’s possible that Bungie could change how the perk works or disable it entirely in PVP, so if you want to try it out, do so soon.