This Game About Escaping a Giant Cop Activated My Flight or Fight Response

Although the trailer was posted in July, it's recently gone viral.

Watching the trailer for Militsioner, a game in which you escape from a giant cop, has immediately instilled as much fear in me as games like Alien: Isolation or Resident Evil 7: Biohazard.

“Today is the day,” the protagonist of the indie game narrates as they navigate a mysterious neighborhood while avoiding police cars. “Still disgusting,” they seem to say as they look back at a giant cop looming over everything (and, hey, they’re right). And, by a giant cop, I mean a literal giant cop who seems to be on the lookout for any suspicious activity — like you executing your escape plan.

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When the giant policeman spots you, his hand reaches for you. Cops are unnerving enough on their own, but seeing an enormous one’s hand aim for you is fairly horrifying. As soon as you’re in its clutches, you are quickly pulled back. And so commences Day 2. As you set out once more, you once again say, “Today is the day.” But, as you might guess, it isn’t despite you doing your best to be careful. And neither is Day 3 “The Day.” For just when you think you’ve made it, at the end of the trailer, the gargantuan cop stands up to scope out the area.

The game’s Steam description states:

Plan your escape from The Policeman-Giant, before he suspects your involvement with a crime in a first-person surreal mystery, set in an open puzzle-sandbox location.


  • Immersive gameplay that depends on Militsioner’s mood from the player
  • Giant AI character with emotions and distinct moral compass
  • Multiple escape routes, that’s open for experimentation
  • Living sandbox town with cars, trams and trains
  • Open non-linear story
  • Moody atmospheric enviroments of Post-Soviet Russia

While the trailer was first posted in July, it’s gone viral over the weekend. Looking at the quote tweets of the trailer will show you all kinds of horrified reactions, from people expressing how scared the suspenseful trailer makes them to others calling Militsioner the next anxiety simulator. Not much else is known about the game besides developers Tallboys stating that it, “may contain content not appropriate for all ages, or may not be appropriate for viewing at work” such as violence, gore, and general mature content.

The developers are showing gameplay snippets of Militsioner on what seems to be a weekly basis. The most recent clip shows how you’ll be able to use moving trains to carry out your escape, as well as how the cop giant will use a flashlight to search for you.

I’m curious to see how the giant policeman is supposedly provoking you into actions that expose your guilt, or how the AI displays emotions and a specific moral compass. (Not like you can’t argue that being a cop is in and of itself a display of a particular and gross moral compass, though.) While there’s much to be seen of this game yet, Militsioner has already piqued the interest of many people due to its timeliness. It’s utilizing a creative exaggeration to depict the fear that cops represent for many people — especially as the days pass and police violence against protestors for racial justice escalates. Over just an 11 day period this past summer, human rights organization Amnesty International documented 125 separate instances of violence committed by law enforcement in the U.S.