These New DualSense Controllers Are Nice, Can I Get a PS5 Faceplate to Match?

They sure are pretty though.

Sony has announced two new colors for the PlayStation 5’s DualSense controller, and they look pretty slick. The Cosmic Red and Midnight Black controllers join the standard white controller that comes with most PS5 consoles, the former of which is one we’ve seen teased last year.

That Cosmic Red though? I’m feeling it. Maybe I’m just seeing red because it’s Mass Effect: Legendary Edition week and it’s bringing out my inner Renegade branding. But red’s also my favorite color, so I think I might pick that one up next month. Both controllers will be available on June 11.

But it does make me wonder, can we get a faceplate to match these colors? The PlayStation 5’s black and white aesthetic is divisive, but it is very distinct, and I like having a white DualSense that matches it. The cohesion has always been appealing, and Sony hasn’t been offering any kind of official PlayStation 5 faceplates since the system launched and while third-party providers have been making their own, it’s been a bit of a mess in terms of legality.

In other news:

All of this is academic for most people, as PlayStation 5s are still hard to get a hold of six months after launch. And Sony says these shortages will probably continue for the rest of 2021. So if you don’t have a PS5 yet there’s not much reason to buy a new DualSense any time soon. Unless you like the controller and assume you’ll want it when you finally manage to track down a box, I suppose.

The DualSense has some notable new features compared to the PlayStation 4’s DualShock, including haptic feedback and adaptive triggers, which Microsoft is apparently toying with integrating into its own controllers on the Xbox side.